Swiss Movement watch shop

that was in Cranford st does anyone know where it is now as i need to take a
watch back.

noodleman4, Sep 11, 6:48 pm

Not sure. What brand of watch

bandrach, Sep 11, 7:37 pm

Wenger, it just stopped had it less than a year

noodleman4, Sep 11, 8:02 pm

I would take it here
Ilam Watchmakers - 357-1002
And see what they say.

bandrach, Sep 11, 8:16 pm

Cheers :)

noodleman4, Sep 11, 9:02 pm

looks like the shop went into liquidation around may this year.

noodleman4, Sep 12, 5:19 pm

you might have to take it to the agents? or the warranty could be void. check with you closest on the Wenger website.

urbanrefugee54, Sep 12, 5:34 pm

I'm sure there's still a clock/watch repair service on Main North Road - you could try there?

fuzzygrl, Sep 12, 6:02 pm

Cavendish road in that business park, there is the clock museum there. They're specialists in all clocks and watches. Right near Cosy Cafe. They're really good.

family007, Sep 13, 8:25 am

I also recommend Ilam watchmakers.

debs10, Sep 13, 9:13 am

chromis, Sep 13, 9:33 am

Thanks peoples :)

noodleman4, May 15, 2:29 am

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