Chch ppl that know about PTSD

boo128, Aug 7, 10:32pm
Can anyone help me with some advice please. Ill give a quick brief of what the situation is and see what answers pop up.
I have a son, who was a busdriver on the day of the earthquake. He was traumitized so much that he ended up leaving Chch and moving to oz.

He has been suffering from severe depression since this event and it came to a head last week with a suicide attempt. Thankfully, he didnt succeed but what has come out of all of this is what the effect that that day had on him. Now, my question is this, is there still councelling approved and funded still available for ppl like him and can it be transferred to him in oz so he could get the help he needs? He cant be an australian citizen which is slamming alot of doors in his face. Any help with ANY thing that we can do for him would be greatfully accepted

jonners2013, Aug 7, 10:43pm
i feel for him, i really do. that's a terrible situation to be in.

i can not imagine that the NZ government would fund overseas treatment for him, but you could always try.

whether or not NZ citizens should be able to get Australian government funded assistance is a different issue and the fact is that we can't. So that's not an option. The alternative presumably is for him/you/someone to pay for whatever counselling he requires.

nz_nicola, Aug 8, 1:08am
I would speak to your GP to see if he/she knows of any assistance he maybe able to access,

music_note, Aug 8, 6:50am
Something that's helped me is reminding myself of something I was told about PTSD - it's 'a normal reaction to an abnormal situation that was life threatening or substantially life changing.'
Best wishes to your son.

honest-reliable, Aug 8, 7:34am
maybe get him/yourself to contact Red Cross I know they were funding counselling at one stage

boo128, Aug 8, 9:30am
thank you so much everyone for your input.

frances1266, Aug 8, 10:15am
Maybe hypnotherapy would work for him. Such a terrible time for so many people.

roxyroxx, Aug 8, 7:44pm
Have you spoken with ACC?

ebeater, Aug 8, 10:57pm
The diagnosing professional should be able to give some guidance for treatment options specific to your sons circumstances (that is if the assessment/ diagnoses were done by a registered professional)
If your son was at work at the time of the event, the employer may/should? have offered EAP assistance at the time but if he turned it down and/or terminated his employment, this probably no longer an option. All the best in getting help, suspect you need to start with a basis of a current GP with whom your son is a patient.

deanna14, Aug 9, 6:43am
I can relate with him, though I cetainly don't know how he feels, I just know how I feel and I have been diognosed with it too and am very sorry for your son. Personally for me, looking at situations and working out how stressless I can make a situation with preperation. Not taking on more than I am comfortable dealing with and hibinating when I have to. Taking on little changes when I think I can.

I can't help with any of your queries, but I wish him all the best.

kids4ever, Aug 9, 6:55am
they had a cut off time and that is well gone, the funding was only for a few months, try Christchurch Mayoral fund, also try Christchurch Mental health, i hope you get something sorted soon

metaller, Aug 16, 8:59am
he should be able to get 6 free counselling sessions through GP.most mental health places are free to access here. i had suffered from PTSD too.took a while but i have recovered from it so it can be treated.

metaller, Aug 16, 9:00am
Catholic social services used to have free counselling sessions too.ask the GP about them too.

schnauzer11, Aug 16, 9:11am
Hey, most recent posters-the guy lives in Australia now.

metaller, Aug 16, 9:33am
dont they have psych services over there? they often know free counselling or cheap counselling places.

jhan, Aug 16, 10:04am
Just pay up yourselves to get the lad the help he needs and he needs it straight away by the sound of it. Men, always leaving such things till the last minute.

schnauzer11, Aug 16, 11:36am
Indeed, but poster's references to NZ facilities are of no help.

schnauzer11, Aug 16, 12:02pm
Boo-I'd suggest he talks to a GP, and discusses the issue. He will certainly have to pay, but a good GP should be able to refer him to somewhere for assistance of an appropriate kind.

dolphinlu, Aug 19, 6:28am
Google pstd support groups and the area he is in and that might help. Talking is the best way and it isn't just about the incident that caused pstd. You need to have strageties to help cope with other triggers. PSTD is a daily battle and good luck

log62, Aug 19, 7:58am
It would be worth you going to the In the know hub at Eastgate Mall, if there is something available, they will know.

choosy7, Aug 28, 3:16pm
You get 6 - 10 free clounselling sessions in Australia through Medicare. He needs to visit the GP to get this underway.

spade, Jun 21, 4:08pm
Choosy7 is correct boo128. We moved to Sydney from chch (red zoned) about 2 years ago, but since then my daughter has been diagnosed with PTSD and has had counselling paid for by Medicare (referred by our GP here).
I'm so sorry your son is suffering, it's really hard on parents in this situation, I know mine felt so helpless being back home in chc when she was at her worst.
Even I get flash backs to that day in Feb every so often, triggered by a bang or a large truck going by etc, being away from chch doesn't mean they go away.
I hope you can persuade your son to seek further help.

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