Stolen skateboard

junie2, Jun 17, 7:47am
Last Saturday ( 13 June ) at 12.40 pm, my niece's purple Penny skateboard was stolen from St Andrews grounds while she was sport training nearby. It was last seen with a lad in a Boys High rugby shirt, who was travelling in a black/brown BMW, plate number HHT---.( We have those numbers.) This girl needs her board - uses it every day to get to school etc. If someone you know has arrived home with a pre-loved purple Penny board, please ask them to return it to a safe place within STAC. Or let me know where to pick it up. Tx.

kids4ever, Jun 17, 7:55am
if you have the car plates , why don't you go to the police, they would have it sorted, or go to your community police

junie2, Jun 17, 8:37am
Thank you kids4ever, but if I'd wanted to know how to proceed I would've asked that question. The police already have the car rego, but as you will probably understand, retrieving stolen skateboards is not high on their priority list. While we await developments and niece is needing her transport, I am just asking for people to look about them. Thanks.

kids4ever, May 12, 2:29pm
you go on these message boards, don't get your knickers in a twist when someone comes up with a comment, you didn't say what I asked, otherwise I would not have bothered mentioning what I said, I wasn't being nasty or anything, just thought a thumbs up with help

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