fefe26, Jul 9, 6:05am
Hi there posting on behalf of a friend, Black Ford Territory stolen last night from my friends drive way in Westmorland. Has anyone seen it dumped somewhere ?

jamie2016, Jul 9, 6:32am
Damn. I thought a territory was a big 4wd / SUV but all I can suggest is place an advert on Facebook and Twitter as well as let the taxi cabs / bus companies know,that way you are more likely to find out more info on its whereabouts. All the best on its safe return.

jamie2016, Jul 9, 6:34am
Also try the mobile and bp service stations for their link service but the need a recent photo of it to post on their internal video notice board

fefe26, Jul 9, 6:43am
Forgot to mention reg number is CRA961. Thanks guys

jamie2016, Jul 9, 11:09am
The more people and places you inform . the better the results will hopefully be as the police may be limited on the resources so that's the reason why I suggested you turn to the taxi companies / bus companies for their eyes and ears

jamie2016, Jul 9, 11:14am
I forgot to mention. A few years ago someone stole a car and as soon as redbus Ltd heard about it. , it was virtually "game over" for the theives as the car was boxed in by four buses with about 16 well built guys to greet the offenders.

slimgym, Jan 14, 3:13pm
has this vehicle been found

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