Bike stolen from CPIT yesterday

metaller, Jul 8, 3:28am
Eclipse 24 size,blue and silver bike stolen from cpit only transport.garrrrrr

jane310567, Jul 8, 3:44am
little buggers - do they not have a secure area like uni does?

metaller, Jul 8, 3:47am
i dont know.someone has been stealing bikes from there for few months now. they must have a bolt cutter so cant do much if they want to steal

jane310567, Jul 8, 3:51am
i know my son bought a cheap bike to go to school on so he wouldn't be too sad if it got nicked!

metaller, Jul 8, 5:16am
i wouldnt say mine was expensive but when you are a student and dont have much money, its not easy to buy another bike and helmet.

urbanrefugee54, Jul 8, 7:19am
don't they have cameras? if not. lobby to get them put in.

lilbubble, Jul 8, 10:36am
mine got nicked for there 2 but that was back in the 80s some things never change

coverdrive, Jul 8, 11:28am
Have you reported it to Security at CPIT? They could well have cameras on student bike stands.

xmakara, Jul 8, 12:43pm
My bike and my friend's bike got nicked too, And this was in a private hostel courtyard. Grrrr.

There are some assholes out there.

metaller, Jul 10, 6:34am
its so annoying eh?last year, some asshole stole my bike wheel too.

jcmp21, Jul 10, 6:55am
And show the footage to who?

lm446, Jul 11, 3:26am
Definitely bolt cutter. I had my bike chained to a lampost outside SCM in Colombo St and was in the shop for 5 min max. It was in plain sight on the main street and was gone by the time I got back

metaller, Jul 11, 8:41am
i got by bike wheel and helmet stolen from south city mall bike stand too.some assholes around.

overtakenowbro, Dec 8, 2:18pm
iirc cpit has a secure lockup requiring card access for bikes, it also has cameras inside and outside. Why not use this?

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