Central City Roads

honest-reliable, Jun 28, 8:11am
I was on the understanding that the central city roads were going to be completed by the end of June. They are no where near finished and especially going down Moorehouse Ave, St Asaph St it is crazy. Are others finding that.

bosch2006, Jun 28, 8:19am
To be honest I dont real give a toss anymore.so much has been said but little done

jefrys17, Jun 28, 8:31am
I think we could turn all the main avenues into canals and punt around. It'd be like Venice only a bit swampier. We'd probably get where we're going alot faster.

gymee1, Jun 28, 8:53am
Of course they're going to be finished by June, could be this june or next June, they just didn't say which one

xmakara, Jun 28, 10:23am
Tuam and St Asaph is a nightmare at the moment. But I think the Antigua and Tuam Street intersection is the worst at the moment. Especially with the buses in the afternoon peak.

bookmart, Jun 28, 10:30am
Get used to the slow speeds in town, all the central city streets are becoming 30kph.

xmakara, Jun 28, 10:34am
Yep. I don't mind the slow speeds myself. The streets are having intersections changed to cobbles now anyway, and parking will be replaced by bike lanes.

strobo, Jun 28, 12:25pm
Cycle tracks and cycle ways seem high on the agenda,When is someone with the balls gonna sort out the damm roading mess.The money was always there until it's depleted on all the other crap !

craftylady1, Jun 28, 10:03pm
Its a bit daft, and over expectant for anything to be finished on schedule

cassina1, Jun 28, 10:09pm
Will they ever be finished as long as there is an obsession with re digging them up. While they will not be finished when the money runs out that will be when they stop.

rover79, Jun 28, 10:35pm
Have you seen cyclists at the Tuam street entrance into the new bus exchange. If there's a bus there at the lights and the cycle lane lights start to change, the cyclists swerve into the middle of the road and use the car lane so they don't have to stop.

shortee2, Mar 22, 3:25pm
They might have said June, but didn't say which Year. LOL

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