Possibly stupid question re curtains and repairs

We have lived in our flat that we rent for 10 years. Our repairs are FINALLY just about to start. We are getting a new garage, new roof, new carpet, house lifted and every room in the house stripped back and regibbed etc.
Was just wondering if the curtains will also be replaced? Only asking as my son damaged them 6 years ago (don't ask!) so I will get them repaired if I need to or otherwise just chuck them if we will get new ones anyway. I just replaced the old ones with cheap ones on there in meantime but the old ones were good (but ugly) thermal ones. The property manager has never even noticed, they love us as we have been fantastic long term tenants and place is so damaged that it hasn't been a big deal anyway but now just wondering. See, told you it probably a sill question but meh.

vintage_betty, Oct 12, 10:31 am

I don't think they'll replace curtains. If they're standard sized windows you will often find good ones at reasonable prices on sale at the warehouse, Briscoes, spotlight, Lincraft etc

goose29, Oct 12, 10:59 am

Curtains will not be replaced as they are not quake damaged but being that you are great long term tenants I would ask the property manager if the owner would replace them. thats not a big ask since you have been there for ten years.

moodybleu, Oct 12, 11:24 am

Thanks. So even if we get some new windows (I imagine as least 3 new windows maybe?) they just take them down and store them somewhere for 5 months and then put them back up again? Yeah, might ask him if he would think about new curtains haha, it would kind of suck having all new everything but old curtains still :-)

vintage_betty, Oct 12, 11:30 am

even if you get new windows you will not get new curtains and you are responsible for taking them down, storing them and rehanging them when you move back. The builders will not touch them but if you are lucky they may put the curtain rails back up for you, some will, a lot wont

robyn35, Jan 22, 2:36 am

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