Building consent and Fletchers

atlantis3, Mar 7, 4:55am
We are having problems with shoddy sub floor work on some piles and some subsequence damage from the so called repairs.
Fletchers in the past have said that building consent is not necessary.
As a home owner do you have the right to go to the council and get a building consent (for their repair work to their previous shoddy work). If you do this does it cover you in he future as the council would have to pass the repairs
Is it wise to do this as i believe any work done must meet the minimum standard of the building code?
Can any one point me in the right direction (going around in circles with a google search) for the building code regulations on piles and building code repairs to bearers that have been damaged (by contractor cracking them).
How much does a consent cost and I would certainly like Fletchers to cover this .(small claims court?) for all the dicking around and cost to me.

david_270, Jan 6, 5:03pm
Hugo Kristinsson / Empowered Chch has been working on this. The latest newsletter covers consents, and Peter Sparrow, head of CCC consents has been working with him on it.
Sparrow spoke at the recent event in the cardboard cathedral - there may be a presentation somewhere online.

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