Anyone recommend a good honest Mercedes Mechanic?

gillian25, Jan 22, 3:12am
Not Armstrongs or the one in Tuam St

survivalkiwi, Jan 22, 5:08am
I thought that Mercedes Benzs didnt break down.
What is wrong with Armstrongs?

gillian25, Jan 22, 7:23am
ive just spent 2500 getting repairs there and same thing has happened again. it is going back on monday but I would really like a new mechanic.
And their attitude is not great

survivalkiwi, Jan 22, 8:10am
That's because you didn't buy a brand new one off them. They are a company full of wannabe staff who judge people there occupation and the car they drive. I know this from people I know who work there.

gillian25, Jan 22, 8:57am
sounds like you know what you are talking about. I totally agree.
but I notice nobody knows a good mechanic, bit of a worry!

xcbacon, Jan 22, 9:01am nearly 30 years in business, i work just down the road and he is always busy and has a lot of late model and classic mercs there.

tool_shop173, Jan 22, 9:20am
yes kevin burt

andrac63, Jan 22, 10:33am
lol,describes the guy we dealt with

cassina1, Jan 22, 9:49pm
You should have read the Dog and Lemon Guide before you bought as it says avoid European like the plague. This was confirmed by a WOF inspector who said they fail more than Jap cars. Having said that though I have loved the drive of a few.

gillian25, Jan 22, 10:51pm
you have to be kidding cassina. i owned my last one for 8 years without a problem. This one has got sensor damage from the chch roads.
They are by far the best car money can buy. we have 5 in this household. great Cars, just dodgy mechanics!

headcat, Jan 23, 7:00am
No firsthand experience, just "the dog and lemon guide". I suppose you will be quoting Cameron Slater next.

cassina1, Jan 23, 9:46am
Did you not read where I said the local WOF inspector said they fail WOFs more than Jap cars. I am guessing you are a Euro car dealer to have the view you do?

cassina1, Jan 23, 9:55am
Don't you mean the roads are dodgy and the mechanical componentry of the car can not handle them? Hardly the best car for ChCh roads though eh? Why not buy a 4WD as they are definitely more suited to ChCh roads since the earthquakes. There is no money to ever restore them to pre eq smoothness so the problem you have will reoccur.

woopooz, Jan 23, 10:17pm
Yes, Kevin used to service our Mercedes, when we were in ChCh. he is a gentleman & knows his Trade.

headcat, Jan 24, 12:15am
Guessed wrong, although I have, and do own both Japanese and European cars.
I needed a heater matrix (little radiator) for my Toyota and was quoted $1400 (part only) when the local radiator place could build one from scratch for $200. Jap parts prices are hardly a bargain. This Jap vs euro thing is pretty childish.

si50, Jan 24, 12:25am
You could try Chester Graham in Saxon street, old school mechanic.

totaranui2003, Jan 24, 4:35am
Paul Prince at Jade Automotive.

cassina1, Jan 24, 10:20pm
I love them to drive the few I have had a drive of but good luck to you if you think you know more about them than the D&L Guide and a local WOF inspector.

teamgjt, Jan 26, 1:32am
gillian25 wrote:
ive just spent 2500 getting repairs there and same thing has happened again. it is going back on monday but I would really like a new mechanic.
And their attitude is not great[/quote

I'm hearing you!
Nothing but problems from these clowns!

kblowers, Jan 26, 5:20am
Jody from Gainsborough Auto in Bromley 85 very good

niknaks, Jan 29, 3:33am
What is the sensor issue making the car do can I ask?

gillian25, Feb 2, 7:14am
It makes the wheels lockup when turning. Its called ESC

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