Valentines Restaurants?

lil_tarnz, Jan 26, 9:52am
anyone know if any restaurants are having valentines special menus?

jcmp21, Jan 26, 9:55am

craftylady1, Jan 26, 6:23pm
I thought OP was referring to. "Valentines"

Maybe Sequoia88 is having a Valentines special

shakirafan, Jan 26, 8:51pm
Pescatore have one.

lyndad59, Jan 26, 9:00pm
Me too ! I'm lucky for the "hubby " to suggest a meal out ,let alone celebrate Valentines Day ,Lol

craftylady1, Jan 26, 9:35pm
My hubby shocked me the other day. Took a day off work to celebrate our 35th wedding anniversary. Plus took me to a VERY expensive winery the day before.

shakirafan, Jan 26, 9:53pm
Nice, which one? Pegasus Bay?

craftylady1, Jan 27, 2:11am
LOL. YUSH! Certainly a place for a special occasion

shakirafan, Jan 27, 2:52am
I LOOOOVEEEEE that place.

craftylady1, Jan 27, 3:11am
Yes. was the best place Ive been I reckon. Just goes to show. u get what u pay for. Certainly was a quality meal, and a certain ambience. I don't drink, but the others did the wine tasting first

fineo, Jan 28, 4:53am
How about fish and chips and park up by the sewage ponds and watch the sun set.
so romantic.
Wonder if the good lady would appreciate it

emandwill, Feb 2, 6:54pm
Bloody Mary's are doing a set menu. It is a wonderful place to go!

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