40ft containers

teamgjt, Sep 23, 7:39am
Does anyone know of any for sale (I have already checked on here)

ryanm2, Sep 23, 7:51am
CSL Containers sell em , Wolf as well.

treecave, Sep 23, 8:53am
pretty rough condition though

teamgjt, Sep 24, 12:52am
Hey kids4ever, have you got one for sale?

teamgjt, Sep 24, 12:52am
Thanks, I'll have a look :-)

kids4ever, Sep 24, 4:05am
one for sale on trademe, not mine, under tradename glennch

jamie2016, Sep 24, 11:17am
Give Spacewise containers Ltd a call as they have got a great selection of 40 ft shipping containers both preloved and brand new for about 7k with excellent payment options as well as hire purchase.

samanya, Mar 28, 2:14pm
Royal Wolf have them, too

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