KFC papanui closed

Are they closed for long? The people at Riccarton branch did not know why they are closed.

atlantis3, May 11, 7:11 pm

It's a good start. One down.

echoriath, May 11, 7:14 pm

Ebola outbreak I heard.

jcmp21, May 11, 7:22 pm

Long overdue

2xpetes, May 11, 7:36 pm

That must be why it was SO busy at Hornby !

lyndad59, May 11, 7:40 pm

Hornby is always busy!

jcmp21, May 11, 7:52 pm

Went to the Hby one tonight. having travelled back from down sth. The drive thru was chocka so we went inside. The place was packed, and it was filthy. Had to ask staff for a dishcloth to wipe the table. MrC and grandson had some chicken, and I had a bit of coleslaw.
Wasn't impressed at all. First time had KFC for about 2 years. wont be back anytime soon

craftylady1, May 11, 8:34 pm

Really? Is anyone ever SO desperate for KFC that they'd drive from the papanui area to Hornby just to get it?

jonners2013, May 11, 8:39 pm

There is a branch in Shirley opp the Palms

honest-reliable, May 11, 8:41 pm

sign in shop said closing in may for refurbishment?

greenfruit1, May 11, 9:25 pm

could be a clue.

dannyboy24, May 12, 6:50 am

Oh, was it actually chicken they sold?

brightlights60, May 12, 11:29 am

they are all franchised, their meagre staff are paid peanuts, must work split shifts, high staff absentee and turnover.

lambrat, May 12, 11:38 am

That may be true, but doesn't make it acceptable

craftylady1, May 12, 5:20 pm

Linwood branch is always messy, I am sure they mop the floor with sticky water

jenny73, May 12, 5:34 pm

Hornby is always filthy. I don't know how it keeps so busy with how dirty it is

southislandswim, May 12, 6:19 pm

If it wasn't so healthy, I don't think I'd ever go there tbh

jcmp21, May 12, 8:25 pm

yes but looks like the owners and managers think it might be, because they are the ones filling in the gaps when staff don't show up.

lambrat, May 12, 8:58 pm

Since when? When I was there only Riccarton Mall and Rangiora were privately owned the rest we owned by Restaurant brands

kyle0703, May 12, 9:57 pm

Papanui closed till September for total refurbishment. Bout time,,it was starting to look tacky.
Hornby is filthy, burgers cold, litter on the floor, dirty tables won't go back there.

family007, May 14, 3:16 pm

I think that all KFC, like Pizza Hutt, and Starbucks are all under the Restaurant Brands umbrella

melp6, May 15, 9:06 pm

yep, my mistake, you're right about restaurant brands.

lambrat, May 16, 1:06 am

walked by there the other day . Fenced off and people still trying to drive in . I think its September for new opening .

partingout, May 16, 10:54 am

It's the same KFC that was closed one day and the drive thru was full of cars and people were sitting and waiting for ages for a person to take their order, then eventually driving up to the window and stopping to look in to see it was actually closed, buuuuuut, other cars were still rolling in the back and queuing up and doing the same thing. Funniest thing ever as it was happening all day.

jcmp21, May 16, 6:17 pm

They could have just rocked on up to Sequoia

craftylady1, May 16, 6:48 pm

Only if they wanted fine dining with class crafty

jcmp21, May 16, 6:49 pm

Oh dear nevermind.
I was so glad when the one in Linwood Ave closed ( some years ago now) as I nearly barfed when stuck in traffic there. I don't know how anyone can eat that crap.

Easy as to roast a chicken. Mess free with an oven bag.

mme, May 16, 7:21 pm

My point exactly. same as going to KFC

craftylady1, May 16, 7:43 pm

. only difference is, KFC have BYO only

craftylady1, May 16, 7:44 pm

Awesome! Humans are funny creatures, remarkably like lemmings sometimes.

echoriath, May 16, 8:13 pm

If people say these stores are so unclean then have you actually contacted the Health Dept about them? They don't know unless someone tells them.

honest-reliable, May 16, 9:32 pm

lol that's funny, the health department haha

jcmp21, May 17, 7:19 am

Refurbishment? It's gone! There's just an empty site where the building used to be.

jcmp21, May 17, 3:12 pm

Burger Fuel are opening in Papanui soon. Not sure where but could be on the KFC site?

paulmc, May 17, 3:44 pm

. if so, KFC are a goneburger!

paulmc, May 18, 1:43 am

Keeping Fat Children.

strats5, May 18, 5:26 pm

bugger where is a man gonna sell all those seagulls shot in the duck season?

terk, May 18, 7:21 pm

The site is now fenced off. A sign on the fence says a new KFC opens late September.

paulmc, May 31, 1:04 am

There's this little FAT dumpy girl in the Papanui branch and she's as rude and arrogant as sin. She's been there for ages it seems and I hope she never gets replaced! We wanted 3 items of the same from their coupon and shes said no we cant do that, we can only do 1 item per coupon. So I said ok thats cool, I will come in and out 3 times then. no you cant do that either. She then said I can do 2 of the same item for you and I said forget it, we reallly need 3 of the same item. One minute you say 1 item of the same per coupon only, then you contradict what you have just told me and change the rules to suit yourself to say ok you can have 2 items of the one type from the coupon. Get Stuffed I thought and walked out. LOL

tool_shop173, May 31, 8:54 am

edit to say "I hope she never gets her job back"

tool_shop173, May 31, 9:12 am

It doesn't worry the ferals that support the joint.Probably a whole better than home for some of them.

flopsie, Aug 11, 2:15 am

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