phaedra8, Jan 22, 6:45am
Sorry bosch. nothing so far, have been watching the press but nothing reported.

phaedra8, Jan 21, 8:02pm
Can anyone smell a strong smell of smoke Ashley/Loburn area ?

tarn146, Jan 21, 8:05pm
I'm in Papanui and can smell it. Son is at the airport and said they can smell it there too.

fordy1110, Jan 21, 8:13pm
Im in north beach just off bower ave and I can smell smoke. but it's not windy and its beautiful and blue sky as well.
So not sure where this fire is. I don't think i can hang my washing out as I get asthma.And don't want my clothes smelling.

robotix1970, Jan 21, 10:24pm
there's nothing mentioned in ICAD. so far but I would not be supprised if another arsonist may have started another scrub fire somewhere as we were travelling along the old waimak bridge just before 09:00am this morning and heard alarm bells from the local fire station/s going off.

1mumof4, Jan 21, 11:48pm
I also smelt smoke when we headed out at 9.30. Shirley/Mairehau. Wonder where it was from then.

bosch2006, Feb 6, 11:07am
Any up date im in loburn but at work

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