Christchurch city council why?

onzy, Jul 3, 3:31am
Just drove through Brooklands which is red zoned. Well the roads are being marked with new white lines etc.
A section that used to have the dairy on it, has had three freshly marked car parking spaces marked out on the road edge. Why? There is no longer is a building there.
I understand the roads are still used through Brooklands for people to get to Spencerville and Kainga. I know there are still people living there but is this really necessary?
I was a Brooklands resident until being red zoned and i loved living there but i just don't get this.
Thought, anyone.

thebuzzyone, Jul 3, 5:16am
So how do you know for sure that the CCC would have done this? Red zoned land is not Council land - it's crown owned. maybe another organization did it.

tennisfanz, Mar 4, 3:45pm
No clear leadership really - these random decisions are found across the city.

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