Eqc and pre existing damage

doug77, Feb 1, 8:39am
Anybody been through this with eqc. We bought a home which had a full eqr scope (cosmetic damage) Only to find floor levels out. EQR claimed it was pre existing and refused to have engineer look at it. Paid heap of money to an engineer who stated in report extensive earthquake damage. EQC dismissed report did their own and came back with damage was done before quakes. No evidence other than they say it was.

adnil3, Feb 1, 9:01am
sorry but this is normal for eqc. some got new homes some got ripped off badly. nothing u can do except join the list and go to court.

david_270, Feb 1, 9:14am
Yep, that's how they play it. Their head engineer has been found to be negligent and incompetent, but they refuse to revisit all the assessments done by him and his trainees.
You could try the RAS before engaging an experienced insurance lawyer.
edit: I'm assuming claims were assigned across to you when you bought the house.

doug77, Feb 1, 9:35am
Graeme did our first assessment and issued the pre existing tag

doug77, Feb 1, 6:49pm
Yes insurance transfered. Funny they had no problem fixing earthquake damage inside.Its just the outside and foundation which apparantly has no earthquake damage. EQR report shows 118mm out it just wasnt caused by quakes.lol

martin11, Feb 1, 7:17pm
Perhaps it was built like that , a lot of homes are very badly built by some of the home companies .

morrisjvan, Feb 1, 8:25pm
On the other side of the coin many homes with pre-existing damage have had it repaired through EQC as earthquake damage.
People in CHCH seem to have a perception that all subsidence and cracks are earthquake related, when that is not always the case.

lambrat, Feb 1, 9:12pm
that may well be true, but i think the point is those decisions to repair (or ignore) structural problems were made both consistently and arbitrarily. yes i know 'random incompetence' is an oxymoron, lol . perhaps it all came down to numbers and land classification.

people are unaware or forget that those tc1, 2 & 3s were politically acceptable at the time, despite the fact there were pockets of very undamaged land among tc2 & 3 and even redzone, as well as quite damaged land amid the tc1 area.

kay34, Feb 2, 5:42am
wasn't heat bowing/moving was it, thats what our damage was assessed as today- no, window frames will crack, bow, split in the heat alcatroves (spell) inside will also crack, run uneven - (only 1 side though, cos only 1 side of the house will get morning sun.)

nzmax, Feb 2, 5:48am
I agree. I lived in a Villa in Papanui about 20years ago which had sunk at the back quite badly over the 100+ years since it was built. My guess would be 200+mm from front to back. Definitely not EQ damage but was re-levelled as it was considered EQ damage by EQC. I still keep in touch with the neighbours, and was gobsmacked when they told me that. The current owners told EQC it wasn't like that before the EQ. Some people have been big winners and some people big losers with this EQC/Insurance lark.

corkranb, Feb 2, 7:55am
There are ways you can tell if the house was out of level before the EQ. Most homes have newer kitchens or bathrooms installed. Run a laser over the kitchen top or bathroom tiles and see if the are level. If they are level then measure from the laser beam to the floor and you will see if the floor is out with the units or tiles. Check for any trims to see if they have been cut to suit the walls or floors being out of level or plum. Have the doors been shaved or cut down before the EQ as it is quite easy to tell wear and tear on top of the doors. Is the spouting still falling in the right direction. Has the fascia or soffits pulled. Has the exterior walls been damaged in relation to where the house has sunk. Then again I have seen homes even new ones that have sunk in one motion with the liquefaction which show next to no damage and all the doors strikers etc line up perfectly and all doors shut perfectly. The biggest fall I have seen is over 200mm over 10m.

doug77, Jan 31, 5:59am
Awesome response corkranb. Other than kitchen and bathrooms(replaced as soon as bought house) yes all of above ,windows out of square and not level .eqr planed doors to make them close.Spouting over garage runs wrong way.Built in cupboard around hwc couldnt shut the 4 doors. Home is 25 yrs old and according to eqr all is just poor workmanship.Even have a triangular window with a glazing bar that is no longer level.(Made that way) Its a joke yet these guys keep a straight face.

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