Barry Searle - EQC Departure

drcjp, Apr 5, 7:48pm
Interesting play here: Wonder how this is going to work? Sorry, but IMO, this looks a lot like simply putting the seat on the other side and re-milking the cow for all its worth. Will he employ Reid Stiven? Is it going to be a Fletcher's like management only operation? How is Gail Kettle going to make sure that other tenders for business get a fair go compared with Barry Searle's operation?
Finally, we don't hear or know much about Barry Searle do we? Only thing can find is this: (LOL at the website)

And yet he is/was the National operations Manager for EQC. Gail Kettle, she blocked a legitimate media interview request with Searle - why? Wasn't a problem for Reid Stiven.

bugsy23, Dec 19, 12:48pm
Matt Searle, Zac Stiven, Nikki Kettle, According to Gail Kettle all of the above got their EQC jobs on merit - Yeah right.
I'm sure most parents across the country would love to see their kids earning $65 to $75 per hour while still in short pants.

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