FOUND DALMATION on the edge of Redzone, Dallington

gillian25, Jun 13, 2:41am
Beautiful young Male dalmation jumped into my truck on Gayhurst rd an hour ago. He is still with me. Very friendly. When I put him out he wandered on the rd. If hes yours please comment. I have looked at petsonthe net.Wearing collar but no tag.

aphra1, Jun 13, 6:32am
Take him to a vet to see if he's microchipped, they're nortorious escape artists. Please keep him safe

jonners2013, Jun 13, 9:03am
i feel for the poor bugger driving round the suburbs, stressing out, looking for their beloved dog.

gman35, Jun 13, 9:44am
Well "spotted".
Seriously though, hope it is reunited happily soon.

gillian25, Jun 6, 4:21pm
Found his mum. New to the area and jumped the fence. lovely dog.

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