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jou500, Jul 16, 9:31am
What would you consider to be a better subdivision? Longhurst or Silverstream?

I work in town so I'm taking traffic and resale value into consideration.

Thanks :)

brightlights60, Jul 16, 10:50am
Neither. We like Prestons. And a couple out Rangiora way are quite nice too.

babylak, Jul 16, 12:23pm
Longhurst defintely. But then I'm biased. I like to live close to town. Resale in south is fantastic. Over 25% capital gain in last four years.
Longhurst to town 15-20 mins in the morning. Head Kaiapoi or Rangiora if you are happy with spending 1-1.5 hours driving into town for work each day.

slimgym, Jul 16, 1:33pm
silverstream lives up to its name when it rains

llamanut, Jul 16, 4:39pm
Linden Grove is currently the closest with established trees. Would be my pick. Closer in the better for resale value.

Many developers are currently selling new in subdivision at cost. There is currently an oversupply of housing stock across canterbury.

Preston's and silver stream have a high water table.

For transport links I would look southwest and believe that will be more popular given the northern artery is stuffed with no real improvement in sight.

Have a property in North Canterbury and SW so no clear bias one way or another!

shannie1998, Jul 16, 6:29pm
Longhurst - to close to fault line that runs by Quaifes Road. I live in Halswell and had suffered only minor damage till that fault line moved on 21 June 2011.

Silverstream - flooded badly during last big rain.

ang_ck, Jul 17, 2:10am
I saw a old news article. Not sure if it is still relevant

245sam, Jul 17, 2:36am

ang_ck, Jul 17, 3:55am
jou500, sorry to hijack your thread.

245sam, where would you live in CHC given that you have been there done that?

cranken28, Jul 17, 4:19am
Silverstream LOL you can see it when it floods. . . Prestons It wasn't called Marshlands due to solid ground and good grass. .

245sam, Jul 17, 4:29am
In particular we believe that the west side of Aidanfield and the west side of Knights Stream (both parts of a couple of newer subdivisions here in Halswell), and Wigram would all be worthy of consideration although these may not be appropriate for us because we have an RV and many of the sections are not big enough to accommodate an RV. Reason for these areas having appeal - they have a deep alluvial shingle base.
Other areas of Christchurch we have lived in are Linwood, Burnside and Riccarton. When we moved out here to Halswell 36 years ago we were very pleasantly surprised to find how accessible the inner city was/is, distance and time-wise. :-))

kids4ever, Jul 17, 6:18am
i don't like Silverstream or Prestons or Wigram, some nice ones out at Rangiora & Halswell, my choice would probably be Halswell

jonners2013, Jul 17, 6:19am
to me, they all look essentially the same. a sea of identical, unimaginative housing. not my cup of tea, but i get that some people want brand new, so for those people, it makes sense.

astrophe, Jul 17, 6:37am
Country Palms is starting a stage 2 in the next year or so. That's better land than Longhurst is on.

245sam, Jul 17, 7:08am
Really? Can I ask what your source of info' is please. We live really close and know what the whole area was like before and after the earthquakes - liquefaction. :-))

ang_ck, Jul 17, 8:57am
You are going to see that in all new estates, with the developers slapping on restrictions on the type, style and cladding for the new houses.

shannie1998, Jul 17, 9:12am
Do you know just how many near new house in Country Palms had to be demolished?
I can think of 5 maybe 6 on Country Palms Drive alone.
Those houses that backed onto the paddocks were the worst affected.

jou500, Jul 17, 9:14am
Thanks for all the feedback. I am a first home buyer so I'm limited to those two subdivisions due to the kiwisaver cap. :)

jane310567, Jul 17, 9:27am
None of the above - i find halswell very windy and i'm not sure why! I def wouldn't go north because of the traffic and marshlands as its damp. I don't mind wigram and quite like prebbleton way. Linden Grove is nice but think its all built now?

245sam, Jul 17, 9:35am
Exactly shannie1998 but in our opinions, not necessarily the worst affected in Halswell as a whole but certainly amongst the worst. Country Palms was definitely not exempt from being seriously earthquake damaged. A difference being, of course, that Country Palms had already been partly developed and was occupied before the earthquakes whilst Longhurst has been developed since the earthquakes, particularly those of September 2010. :-))

245sam, Jul 17, 9:40am
You're welcome joy500. Good luck with your home buying and if you do choose to buy a Longhurst property be careful where you choose and bear in mind our understanding that there are pumps there that run continuously. :-))

ang_ck, Jul 17, 9:41am
245sam, you are a champion for "inside knowledge"

jonners2013, Jul 17, 10:02am
There are lots of sections all around town. Doesn't have to be in a new subdivision unless you specifically want that.

245sam, Jul 17, 11:17am
oops, my apologies for the typo = misspelling your username jou500. :-))

narnies, Dec 14, 3:18pm
We live north of Waikuku and I travel to Hornby for work daily, I don't find the commute any where near as bad as what some make it out to be, takes me 45 mins from door to door, I do however leave at 6.10 am, my sister who lives in Halswell takes her son to Hagley High each morning and it can take her a up to 40 mins to get him there, my work mate who lives near Linwood takes the same amount of time as me to get to work, where ever you go you are likely to run into some traffic congestion, sadly the council are more than happy to gather the revenue for all these new subdivisions but not so keen to make sure the roads are capable of meeting the demands of extra traffic.

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