Christchurch to Rangiora travel time

strats5, Jun 15, 11:52am
Hi im interested in peoples experience travelling to work in Rangiora area from Christchurch say for an 8 am start & rdturning to Chch 5.30 ish.
Ive got an idea the traffic is heavy going the opposite way?
How long does it take you?

mikechch, Jun 15, 12:03pm
takes me 30 minutes to Rangiora at 5am when I am lucky to see 2 other vehicles heading north (myself going home from night work) but even at that early hour the south-bound flow is building up. Hundreds of early-starters already in a constant flow into Chch. I would imagine northbound at say 7:15am wouldn't take you any longer than 40 minutes, worst-case

15 years ago I could do the trip in 20 minutes 'Goon to Chch late at night, but those days are gone (as are my reflexes - not as alert as I once was)

kacy5, Jun 15, 12:20pm
It would depend where in ChCh you are leaving from.

mikechch, Jun 15, 12:25pm
My experience/opinion relates to starting Bealey Ave area and down Papanui Rd or Cranford St. Of course if you're having to get across the CBD from the south for starters, that could add a lot of time. From the East should be pretty quick though, using QE2 Drive or Marshlands Rd

strats5, Jun 16, 4:15am
Thanks for the replies.
We'd be leaving from Marshland area

strats5, Jun 16, 4:22am
Thanks for replying
Leaving from shirley end of marshland rd

jamesnmatt, Jun 16, 4:34am
usually by 4pm or soon after, Marshland Rd is bumper to bumper heading out of Shirley.

I'd hate to be joining that line.

We have friends who come in daily from Pegasus, and say the time has gone from 40min in the morning to more like an hour fifteen. And at least the same if not more at 5pm going home.

mikechch, Jun 16, 4:52am
25 minutes would nail it, easy

strats5, Jun 16, 7:28am
Looking at going the opposite way

masarius, Jun 16, 8:58am
Sounds like you'll miss school times, Southbrook Road gets quite built up both ways around school start and finish times, otherwise since you're going against the traffic probably 25-30 minutes would do it.

jkp58, Jun 16, 9:38am
twenty minutes most of the traffic going otherway

strats5, Jun 16, 10:01am
Thank for your input everybody
Heading out tomorrow morn

bootsy2003, Jun 16, 8:29pm
I travel from Travis Road area to Rangiora every day. Going against the traffic so usually takes me 25-26 minutes. From Marshland would be slightly quicker, and it's great now with the traffic lights.

dogbond, Jun 16, 8:47pm
Your drive will be a breeze at those times. Can still get a bit slow on Lineside road heading into Rangiora just before 8am, but you could take the second exit off the motorway and come down Southbrook road ( I think that is what it's called), passed Silverstream. Although, you wouldnt even use the motorway , just turn off Marshlands road

strats5, Jun 17, 5:14am
Thanks guys
Did it in 25 mins this morn which was brilliant.
Went back via Kaiapoi & havent got home yet- getting troops a coldie at the kaik lol

mikechch, Jun 17, 1:08pm
was there a prize for first with the correct answer?

tygertung, Jun 17, 6:42pm
I think the problem is that there is too many people using a whole car for just one person.
Obviously unless you are extra-tough it is too far to bicycle but there can be benefits to riding a motorcycle or using a car for multiple people ( a car pool)

You might try some of those websites perhaps?

Obviously the best solution would be a (fast, modern tram/train) going from Rangiora into Christchurch. People could get the tram into town and then walk/bicycle to their workplace from there!

mikechch, Jun 18, 9:12am

I got the impression that a trip taking 25 minutes was quite acceptable to the original poster

tygertung, Jun 18, 12:05pm
Yeah it causes a problem when there is a lot of people doing this as it takes up a lot of room and causes congestion. If you can figure out a way to get less people to use an entire car for just one person it would give a large improvement.

strats5, Jun 19, 4:08am
Was a bit slower this afternoon in the wet

strats5, Jun 19, 4:10am
Spot on
Im also very impressed with Rangiora
Must be stunning in summer up there

tygertung, Jun 19, 9:39am
Sure, that is correct. This is a good approach. The issue is with all the cars with a single occupant!

jamie2016, Jun 20, 9:19am
it is a lovely place to work,live and play now more than ever before with the new ''northbrook''-
estate being built. ,so it wont take long for rangiora to become a city in it's own right.

gscas, Apr 2, 2:17pm
We are moving to Christchurch and I wish the traffic wasn't that bad out North, so I think we will have to settle South where they have a better motorway system, gutted that they are not sorting the Northern motorway over the bridges!

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