House building company recommendations please

Getting some plans drawn up by a architectural designer ( floor plan and elevations) so we can give to a few builder companies to price up. It going to be a regular spec weatherboard house (210 ish sqm) so really interested in getting feedback to try find a great building company in terms of quality and timeframes.
(Using a architectural designer so we can farm plans out to different companies without infringing copyright, incase u were wondering why)

dazza401, Jul 17, 2:28 pm

Having had a couple of friends build places in the last year I would NOT recommend Stonewood unless you want a slow long build.
Have heard good things however about Mike Greer and Jennian.

kathy9, Jul 17, 5:30 pm

i know a few who used Stonewood homes and they are very pleased with them, so i wouldn't dismiss trying them, GJ Gardenier are suppose to be very good

kids4ever, Jul 17, 6:14 pm

Try JD Homes. Jessie has a good rep.
Avoid the big group house assemblers - SW, MG, & in particular GH.

david_270, Jul 17, 7:08 pm

AJ Scott did a great job on our repair.

kiwicoops, Jul 17, 7:58 pm

A friend had Phil Benton Builders, and totally rated them, couldn't fault them at all.

donkey007, Jul 17, 8:21 pm

Milestone homes turn their homes around pretty quick and are well built.

corkranb, Jul 17, 8:49 pm

Try Home Trends Builders - I know they do a great job

tigger250, Jul 18, 11:06 am

From friends who have built avoid large franchise home builders esp in current climate with so many struggling to meet deadlines and overpromising. We used as did my mum twice. Friends are also about to start their build with them. They don't need to advertise and don't have show homes or salespeople - just good builders!

jane310567, Jul 18, 4:15 pm

Holloway Builders

zoopa, Jul 18, 6:26 pm

Avoid Trenz Homes, house so over budget I probably will have to sell, house not finished, absolute mess left and he took legal action to get money for completion and sent the bank a bill for code of compliance complete when it failed. I did not get my deck and unlikely to now due to budget blowouts.

chrisalis, Jul 18, 9:01 pm

zoopa wrote:
Holloway Builders[/quote
My mates with Holloway builders on a insurance repair that was meant to be finished late 2014 & they still are paying to live elsewhere .
He reckons they have taken too much work on & are hopeless .

finn19, Jul 19, 8:42 am

this is good advice (can't personally vouch for JD homes but certainly theres better options than the housing companys. I've done subbie work for most of them)

dannyboy24, Jul 19, 9:46 am

double agree

chchearthquake, Jul 19, 9:49 am

you want a great builder go with "Wayne Murray Builders " workmanship is outstanding and when they promise it will be finished it will be.
Another great builder is Wayne from " Northend builders " he is based out at Rangiora.

brokebloke1, Jul 19, 4:56 pm

What about Compass Homes?

bandit101, Jul 19, 8:02 pm

just be a bit careful of companies that haven't been around that long too.

jane310567, Jul 19, 8:42 pm

Chris Sinclair Builders -did major repairs on my home -a team of staff all trade qualified and a set group of sub contractors who were always on time -if they were just half a day late they got a wind up from Sinclair's Works manager
Really tidy -I get a huge shock when I walked in on the second day and there were no wall or celling linings in my house.
Not a scrap of rubbish outside to indicate such "things" had been happening. amazing after repair clean up
I nominated them by the way .because they are a well known local family company
I am on a mission to push the insurance company to contract Sinclair's to do my light commercial rebuild claim-

cloffie, Dec 16, 2:19 am

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