Dalziel admits she let the East down

jcmp21, May 25, 6:32pm

100peaks, May 25, 6:44pm
Now she's cried about it, let's hope she does something.

david_270, May 25, 7:00pm
Gerry and his klingons Nicki & Amy have let the whole city down.

kerry22, May 25, 7:09pm
she never let the east down. successive councils over last 20 years have let the east down.

anjouc, May 25, 8:33pm
I agree with you Kerry. I lived in the east for 37yrs & watched it become more run down each year. The councils were always promising to do things & never did . the earthquakes finished off the area & still nothing has been done. The damage done was horrendous compared to the north-West. I was in Brighton when it struck & it is only in the last year or so that some rebuilding is taking place, Shocking.

mm12345, May 25, 9:21pm
I'm not sure what the Council could be expected to do. They weren't the ones behind fundamental economic reforms which slammed the working class and turned the concept of home-ownership from having a roof over your head into what is has become today.
Throwing millions into street beautification projects and new gold-plated facilities won't make an iota of difference.
One thing which could make a huge difference would be abandoning plans to "remediate" the red-zones for future sale, then using that land for something more appropriate to the geology. The river itself is one of Chch greatest assets - basically neglected except for a short stretch in the CBD.

foamyone, May 26, 12:45am
Drove past Woolston the other day.

It's changed a lot. Looking pretty good, at least on Ferry Road where the shops are.

jerry1018, May 26, 12:49am
She could have arrived at a decision regarding rebuild of QE2 a long time ago, but where has she been?

On long rate payer funded holidays. The Mayor has left the East and Poto high and dry, knew this would be a disaster from Day #1.

drcjp, May 26, 3:05am
Its a bit harsh to blame just Lianne. That trougher Vicki Buck deserves booting out - she left the city in record debt when she was mayor and its never recovered. I don't know why the hell she was re-elected as she's doing it all over again with her pet project spends.

jerry1018, May 26, 3:21am
Anyone read the comments with the Stuff article? Most of us with more than 2 brain cells can see these are crocodile tears.

Maybe if she has any sense at all won't be seeking re-election?

alkimos, May 26, 3:41am
Woolston is looking good Foamyone. The place to invest in the east for those lucky enough to have the means. New Brighton will be a flash place in years to come. It's just going to take time.one house at a time.one street at a time

calista, May 26, 3:55am
Woolston rules! Well it will do when all the road works are finished. I wish we could clean up the river though - and I miss the scaups, which I haven't seen in the same numbers since the quakes - possibly as the Heathcote is shallower.

mm12345 - interesting, what ideas do you have for the red Zone and the river?

jcmp21, May 26, 6:11am
What, then back down to the one huge income instead of the two?

bligh, May 26, 6:45pm
The East got all the headlines, when she was attacking Parker.

morganville, May 26, 7:14pm
True Bligh. I remember also.

jcmp21, May 27, 6:13am
Yep and the rentamob cheered every attack, yet where are they now?

jerry1018, Aug 22, 3:38pm
That's all the East got, now it's a forgotten wasteland - so glaaaadddd we elected this joke.

It's OK, the CCC plans to lift it's game, at least according to the Dr Fix It All:

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