Go ChCh

rainrain1, Feb 12, 6:44am
Got the cricket opening tonight, and I'll be watching for sure, got ya trams back up and running. all the bloody best to your beautiful city

rainrain1, Feb 12, 8:27am
Well maybe. !

mme, Feb 12, 9:03am
Err it was going well until it got a bit stupid with that Key's coming bit.

I was looking forward to someone in the audience catching it & being able to play.

miney1, Feb 12, 9:08am
Thanks for the good wishes. Loved the whole evening

brightlights60, Feb 12, 9:08am
Mrs B here. Was recently on holiday up North (Motueka) and got chatting with a lovely Irish couple on their honeymoon. They loved that Chch had the Cricket World Cup, especially as they thought it so sad about the earthquakes and us losing the Rugby World cup games and our fantastic stadium that had just been upgraded. Was so nice to hear of people from overseas actually watching what was going on. Had a great chat with them and they were coming down to check out the rebuild and job opportunities. So OP, lovely post.

jessebird, Feb 12, 9:57am
Expected better, didn,t think much of the singers, where,s our talent gone? oh they left.

jane310567, Feb 12, 10:03am
Bugger - thought they would have the fireworks on telly!

cassina1, Feb 12, 10:27am
Fireworks on Chris Lynch FB page.

samanya, Feb 13, 7:58am
Hey you, really nice thoughts. xoxox
Our little battered city needs something like this cricket cup to boost the spirits.(& the Crusaders)

mme, Feb 13, 9:53am
I didn't watch all of if it but I thought it was good. The sound with the wind wasn't great & Jeremy Wells was a bit off too. Sole Mia were great as were Shapeshifter. Except the firework started & I went outside to watch them & then came back inside & they were just finishing their song. Would have prefered if artists like Sole Mia Shapeshifter could have performed another song.

Thanks for your good wishes # 1

kids4ever, Jan 22, 3:15pm
they did, you must have closed your eyes

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