Christchurch people.Need help with my homework.

Been trying to find online when the Novotel Hotel has been built in the city, but have no luck so far, can you help me?

xmakara, May 26, 8:11 pm

Why not ring and ask them.

jessebird, May 26, 8:17 pm

2010. Used to be Warner's Hotel that was on the site. I googled for the information. Hope that helps.

ryelands1, May 26, 8:18 pm

Chances are he could get some dumb arse call centre operator where English is not their first language.

melcraig, May 30, 6:05 pm

Warners Hotel was damaged in February 2011 and demolished in Nov 2011. It was replaced by the Novatel Hotel which opened on 19 August 2013

melford, May 30, 7:24 pm

pretty sure novotel was there before earthquakes. i used to work at millennium and thought i remembered it being there before that

lil_tarnz, May 30, 8:02 pm

only if the dumb arse doesn't dial the local DIRECT line ;)

lil_tarnz, May 30, 8:03 pm

Novotel opened in 2010 and re-opened Aug 2013

fireandice71, Aug 9, 4:27 am

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