Christchurch people.Need help with my homework.

xmakara, May 26, 8:11am
Been trying to find online when the Novotel Hotel has been built in the city, but have no luck so far, can you help me?

jessebird, May 26, 8:17am
Why not ring and ask them.

ryelands1, May 26, 8:18am
2010. Used to be Warner's Hotel that was on the site. I googled for the information. Hope that helps.

melcraig, May 30, 6:05am
Chances are he could get some dumb arse call centre operator where English is not their first language.

melford, May 30, 7:24am
Warners Hotel was damaged in February 2011 and demolished in Nov 2011. It was replaced by the Novatel Hotel which opened on 19 August 2013

lil_tarnz, May 30, 8:02am
pretty sure novotel was there before earthquakes. i used to work at millennium and thought i remembered it being there before that

lil_tarnz, May 30, 8:03am
only if the dumb arse doesn't dial the local DIRECT line ;)

fireandice71, Aug 8, 4:27pm
Novotel opened in 2010 and re-opened Aug 2013

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