New brighton Road flooding

ljx, Jun 5, 10:51am
Does any one know or have any ideas why New Brighton Road is closed between Pratt St and the Pages Rd round-about. There is a sign saying that it is closed for a year!?

cloffie, Jun 6, 11:24am

golfaholic2, Jun 6, 8:03pm
Looks like someones drawn a huge wanger on the map

kids4ever, Jun 6, 10:17pm
he doesn't he looks up google gets the info so it makes him look like he knows it all,

kids4ever, Jun 6, 10:18pm
probably one of your staff at the toolshop lol

suka, Jun 7, 12:36am
link doesn't say why though

cloffie, Oct 4, 5:19am
I went through new Brighton road about 2.00 today it is flooded like I haven't seen in a long time -tide was running up Wattle Drive & more flooding up by the roundabout going toward Brighton

golfaholic2, Oct 4, 5:30am
Tides are only 2.3mtrs . the clincher is the air pressure . add a foot in height for the lowish pressure .

Just imagine if the pressure was lower still , a King tide and on top of a rain event . we aint seen nothing yet

cloffie, Oct 4, 6:51am
how does the air pressure affect the height of the tide golfaholic?
I really thought high tide would have been 2.6-7 m.when I drove through there

golfaholic2, Oct 4, 7:17am
You will note they refer to tide "predictions" , this is because , while the position of the moon etc is a known quantity , air pressure is not .
Tides are forecast with an assumption the air pressure is at 1013 hectopascals .
Every 1 hectopascal drop below 1013 results in a tide height increase of 1 Cm . so with this afternoons tide at 2.3mtrs , and air pressure at 985 hP , the true tide height was 2.58mtrs .
Air pressure can drop quite a bit lower than 985 , tides can reach 2.7mtrs under normal pressure , add heavy rain and we are in trouble

Edited to add , around 2.45pm the pressure was at 983 , so we had a full 30 cm's above the normal height .
You can google to find why the pressure drop causes higher tides . and vice versa

cloffie, Oct 4, 8:04am
Jeez how do you know all this stuff?

jessebird, Oct 4, 9:16am
Its always going to flood.

golfaholic2, Oct 4, 6:07pm
If something effects or interests me , I retain it .

ken158, Oct 9, 7:43am
Full moon tonight. pressure a little low (= higher tide)
Bit of an eclipse later this evening . might be okay for a looksy!

The moon should go all red with embarrassment at what it is seeing from up there! lol

jessebird, Oct 9, 8:44am
just google it! lol.

pammies, Jun 29, 4:15pm
If the council do remedial work on this area the insurance company in some far off land like Switzerland will null and void the contract. So the council and the insurance company are fighting it out. So I was told by an CCC engineer.

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