Where are all the Food Factory shops now?

chch_returnee, Mar 12, 7:46pm
I know that the Pizza seconds from Ferry Rd have moved to Foundry Dr. Independent have closed. So looking for others now. Any ideas please?

harrislucinda, Mar 12, 9:39pm
yes sad not many around since the quakes same as sewing places Used to just walk in and get a job but not any more
Not like the old days could get bulk broken biscuits as well

-weasel-, Mar 12, 9:54pm
Frozen direct - Marshlands road https://www.facebook.com/frozendirectchch1?fref=ts Pasta Vera - Sonter place Wigram https://www.facebook.com/pasta.co.nz?fref=ts

chatsmom, Mar 13, 2:41am
Verkerks - 94 Vagues Rd, Papanui

kids4ever, Mar 13, 3:27am
2nd's bakery opposite Mega Mitre 10, Ferry road, Ferrymead, cakes , pies, allsorts really, great place

chch_returnee, Mar 13, 4:19am
Awesome. Thanks

southislandswim, Mar 13, 8:25am
New one just opened on Waterloo road Islington Santa Rosa Chicken well worth a look they have a FB page which they put their weekly specials up on

daisyhill, Mar 13, 9:32am
That seconds bakery on Ferry Road has all sorts! I was very impressed by the selection when I visited. My waistline doesn't need any of it but my taste buds were very tempted! It would be great for a party or any big family event.

bubbleburp, Mar 13, 10:08am
Hellers just before kaiapoi . Cheap baconnnn and small goods.

chch_returnee, Mar 13, 6:22pm
Oooooo this one peaked my interest

ryanm2, Mar 14, 4:09am
you cant miss it - its the first and thus far only building in the Waterloo development - i also enjoy the French bakery outlet on Port Hills road.

odfrj, Jan 1, 1:07am
yes French bakery is good!

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