Can I just say

tandj3, Jun 11, 6:46am
F*** you IAG! that feels better, thanks.

jody3, Jun 11, 8:22am
Ha ha 100% agree.

astrophe, Jun 11, 9:10am

Heard an ad on the radio recently for an insurance company saying they wouldn't pay out the depreciated value on a car just because it's a few years old now, they'd pay out your agreed value.

Had to growl when I found out at the end of it that it was State.

They did that to us. (Depreciated on what called an "agreed value" in our policy). Happy to charge us premiums on the 'agreed value' but not happy to pay out the 'agreed value' when it's written off.

tmacc, Jun 11, 11:42pm
IAGs new slogan should be
" We put the F U in FULL cover, FULL replacement insurance."

corkranb, Jun 12, 3:00am
How do houses depreciate in value? I always thought in todays market they appreciated in value even as they got older.

thebuzzyone, Jun 12, 5:30am
There's a distinct difference between the land value component and "improvements" component to what makes up a properties overall value.

Offen your property may be worth heaps (say 500,000 just as a rounded number) but of that only a small percentage is for the actual buildings.

corkranb, Jun 12, 6:46am
Sorry you have lost me. Land improves in value also and your rates bill states the land cost and house cost separately. I don't understand what I am missing here with IAG depreciating values?

iamkat, Jun 12, 7:04am
can you explain - has this got to do with a rebuild? We are just staring to go through the process now - any insight would be appreciated

adnil3, Jun 14, 3:20pm
Enjoyed the giggle. maybe they should at least spell their policies right . FOOL Cover is more like it.

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