Planes seem lower?

gaspodetwd, Jul 6, 2:59am
We only ever got planes flying over us in a nor'wester. With this nor'wester they seem much lower. I was in Merivale in the week and they were incredibly loud and incredibly low there.

Have they changed the rules?

puddles11, Jul 6, 3:27am
Maybe you're just getting taller.

survivalkiwi, Jul 6, 3:39am
Your ground is higher since the earthquakes.

pettal, Jul 6, 3:42am
How dare they fly over Merivale .

craftylady1, Jul 6, 4:18am
On the flight path by Burnside Park and not noticed any different in the NW

gaspodetwd, Jul 6, 4:21am
I don't live in Merivale - Lol. I just meant that they seem a lot lower and louder. Here and other parts of the city.

Maybe the engines are all roaring and they just seem louder. ?

pommie777, Jul 6, 5:02am
We're in Kaiapoi, so we have them going over a lot. I haven't noticed that they seem lower but quite a few times in the last couple of months they have seemed a lot louder. At least once or twice a day I notice one that seems to have a loud/whining sort of sound, which I haven't noticed before. I know they're starting to prepare for landing as they come over here, so probably something to do with that but maybe they are lower & that's why I'm noticing?

gunhand, Jul 6, 5:07am
They have to be lower so the chemicals dose ya all properly.

family007, Jul 6, 7:46am
I've noticed that too. The planes do seem to be lower when they're flying over work (clarkville). Does anyone know why?

gunhand, Jul 6, 7:47am
Chem trails, you know spraying us all with mind altering drugs so we all become compliant. Or whatever John Key wishes of us that week.
No. ?

skin1235, Jul 6, 8:44am
lol, nah, they'll never see it gunny, they've had their dose this week already, now they're completely blind to anything key can't remember to tell them to ignore

tygertung, Jul 7, 5:27am
They should actually be quieter, they've been bringing in new noise standard over the last 40 years and all the engine manufacturers have been making great efforts to make the quietest engines. The new generation engines just coming out now should be even quieter.

xmakara, Jul 7, 8:40am
Air New Zealand bought A320neos. So it should be much quieter eventually.

zoopa, Jul 7, 10:04pm
Na, that's what fluoride is for

andrac63, Jul 7, 10:15pm
Planes seem lower?
They are landing

gaspodetwd, Jul 8, 3:08am
We are only under the flight path for the nor'wester - but we are at least 10km from the airport. They seem lower than they used to be having lived here over ten if they seem low here, they must be really low and really noisy in the city.

-weasel-, Jul 8, 3:16am
Yes actually in the last 2 weeks I have noticed they are louder in Avonhead then usual

craftylady1, Feb 10, 3:32pm
Im by Burnside Park, and haven't noticed anything different

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