Can I get house insurance?

bandit101, May 7, 9:22am
I have purchased a house at auction. It is as where is and the previous owner has taken an insurance payout. Can I get fire insurance and contents insurance? Who does it. Thanks

jonners2013, May 7, 10:08am
I don't mean to sound negaitve but did you not do this research before buying?

Ring around the insurance companies. It will be difficult and you'll get knocked back by most but there are people getting insurance (with severe restrictions) on as is where is properties. You might be able to get a market value indemnity policy, perhaps fire and theft.

bandit101, May 7, 10:18am
Yes I am was aware of the earthquake risk not being insured but I am keen to buy fire risk insurance. There must be insurance companies doing this as the fire risk is not linked to earthquake.

kintama_80, May 7, 10:28am
Probably not an NZ based insurer. Your best option is likely to be to approach a broker and see if they can place it offshore,this will be expensive but probably your best shot.

beauranger, Nov 27, 4:47pm
This. I know a few people who have bought as is where is properties and approached brokers to get offshore insurance as NZ insurers wouldn't insure.

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