Vinyl flooring company (korean/asian co in chch)

Hi,our last builder who did our bathroom, said he got the vinyl from a vinyl flooring company that is either opened by korean/asian in chch. Our builder has moved so we have tried to match the vinyl in quite a number of local stores but couldnt get it and we dont have any samples.

Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated or does anyone know the vinyl flooring shop that is opened by a korean/asian that we could try to get the vinyl from? Thanks in advance.

sxpang, Oct 6, 9:20 am

Long shot but try Urban Living Solutions on Waterloo Rd

mcnic, Oct 7, 10:29 pm

Yes I was going to suggest this place as well.

shamarick, Oct 9, 8:06 pm

Thanks for the suggestion. Tried going today, the building was empty, apparently they have shifted to Penn Place. Will have to try that another time.

Anyone else have other suggestions are welcome to add. :)

sxpang, Jan 29, 3:44 am

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