Lost Duck

mary-anne6, Feb 21, 7:02pm
I've lost a duck in the Northcote/Papanui area in Christchurch. She is an orphaned common Mallard duck who is just starting to fly. Please let me know if you spot a lost looking duck walking around so I can bring her home to her 3 sisters.

melcraig, Feb 21, 10:16pm
Awww, best of luck in getting her home. Ducks are just so cute!

mary-anne6, Feb 22, 12:20am
Thank you. They are really tame and are so relaxing to spend time with.

stefanie1, Feb 22, 1:03am
There was just one duck wondering around urunga ave about midday sunday

honest-reliable, Feb 22, 4:49am
bumping for the lost duck

mary-anne6, Feb 22, 7:41am
Thank you, I will have a look tomorrow :)

jen367, Feb 22, 8:53am
He was delicious hmmmmmmmm

mary-anne6, Feb 22, 9:53am
Hahahaha. you sound just like some of my male friends.

melcraig, Feb 22, 7:16pm
Tacky humour (attempt)

ttaotua1, Jan 15, 3:57pm
So what did i eat then?

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