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vivienney, Mar 3, 5:57am
Did you ever find a female painter Jessicah? (Just checked back and found your thread from August last year. Female painter.

richynuts, Mar 4, 5:04am
Ha ha thats what ALL painters say. have yet to meet a bloody good one.

ryelands1, Mar 4, 5:18am
i am looking for a good painter if anyone out there knows of someone that doesn't rob you blind. Interior work.

kletis1, Mar 4, 6:36am
ok twat whatever,obviously been looking in the wrong place.

vivienney, Mar 6, 8:26am
I know of a female painter free to work in just over a month. Honest etc.

vivienney, Mar 8, 2:22am
Painter would be avail in 3 weeks for a week. Great tidy interior work, good price. Cheers.

honest-reliable, Mar 8, 3:59am
The fact that OP wants a PERFECT painter regardless male/female regardless of the trade - No-one is Perfect. Show me a Perfect person or is Perfect at anything and I will LMAO at you. I bet everyone on here has made an error at something they are real good at.

ryelands1, Mar 8, 7:26am
Wanting couple of interior ceilings repainted and skirtings through house, touch up window sills etc, Is this something this painter would consider?

100peaks, Mar 11, 10:11am
*stares* Maybe she just wants a female one, for personal reasons. Don't be so defensive. There are a myriad of painting jobs out there. I'm sure if you're competent, you'll get one.

100peaks, Mar 11, 10:13am
I know several, who have worked for me in the past.

jessie981, Aug 1, 6:15am
not sure where to look.

kletis1, Aug 1, 6:29am
What? Whats your question?

samanya, Aug 1, 6:30am
That's a big ask?
I've used a lady painter, a few times now. She's based in Kaiapoi & her name is Carol & I'm sorry I can't give further details, cos it's been a while & I can't remember her surname.
She's reliable, nice person & does a good job.

jessie981, Aug 1, 6:36am
It's ok, I want recommendations for female painters!

kletis1, Aug 1, 6:37am
Lol lol you should have said. I am one.And a bloody good one too.

astrophe, Aug 1, 6:43am

davepro, Aug 1, 7:59am
Aogan McGuiness has at least one female painter on strength. She did a lot of very good work on our neighbour's rebuild.

jessie981, Aug 1, 8:08am
Why ?

kletis1, Aug 1, 8:48am
oh well. good luck with your search.I've been a qualified painter for 15 years. before the quakes all my work was word of mouth and I had work. I'm sure you'll find someone.

golfaholic2, Aug 1, 8:50am
I came across one on FB that takes pride in her work .
First name was a colour , followed by "painters"
I think the colour was somewhere between white and black .

lambrat, Aug 1, 9:20am
lol, and i want to be a bloddy good one too!

have spent last few weekends helping a friend prep & paint woodwork and ceilings in her ancient rental kitchen/dining areas . keeping my gob firmly shut while raising my eyebrows at her exceptionally slapdash skills . crikey i'm sure there must be a happy median between my anal slowness brushmarks-avoidance and her full-on grunge attack, rofl.

stevexc, Aug 1, 9:20am
Do you need your kitchen painted?

golfaholic2, Aug 1, 9:26am
Maybe shes wanting a nude ? hence a female painter

melp6, Aug 1, 9:29am
Mythbuster style. Do it with explosives.

Only problem with that is it also tends to destroy the room that the paint is meant to go on

richynuts, Aug 1, 9:50am
Maybe op likes painters who are really good at cuttin' in, females are good at that.

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