Best Chinese food by spreydon

charlie.c., Jan 24, 6:17am

roger49, Jan 24, 7:19am
Daphnes Upper Riccarton. worth the trip

articferrit, Jan 24, 9:06am
New Town, Centaurus Rd.

-weasel-, Jan 24, 10:31am
Yeah. we have been here for a couple of years now and the short and cheap answer (as we have spent a fortune finding out!) is there isnt any really good ones.

Madam Kwongs behind the Caltex on Blenheim Rd is AMAZING
Wing wah in Avonhead is amazing - Wing wah in Hillmorton shops was RANK!
Yummys in Church Corners (peerswick?) mall is, well, yummy

zaowl, Jan 24, 10:31am
If you can cope with coming down to Sydenham, Jumbos is really good.
ETA: if you are looking for fantastic sweet and sour pork you will need to go to Wellington for it. We were spoilt with the best. This is something you won't get at Jumbos but otherwise we are finding their food reasonably priced and tasty :-)

xxsaffyxx, Jan 25, 5:35am
Barrington Street - just before Milton Street. sorry don't know their name but they are just fine. Go there often.

briantamaki-god, Jan 25, 7:01am
I wouldn't recommend jumbos
we went there for around 10 years the food was nice however they kept on tweaking the meals until the last time we ordered there the lemon chicken was about 2 cups of sickly sweet pinapple and 4 small bits of chicken
try the one opposite

babylak, Jan 25, 10:13am
Shanghai Bistro on Lincoln Rd. Little (only about 7-8 tables) restaurant, big on flavour. Our family of 4 can have a sit down lunch for the same cost for us to have McDonalds. They also do takeaway.

pscott1, Jan 25, 10:35am
Uggghhh, last time I had jumbos sweet and sour pork with noodles it was awful! Drenched in sauce ( and I love the sauce but this was way too much). And then literally noodles, pineapple and pork. I'm sure they used to chuck some pepper in at least! Will never go back there!

zoopa, Jan 25, 10:36am
I thought the one across the road was much better for everything else, but Jumbos did do a great aforementioned dish

supersapper, Jan 25, 6:57pm
Bensons in Riccarton is superior to anything else we have tried and their sweet and sour pork is fantastic.

schnauzer11, Jan 25, 7:08pm
Jumbo's is vile!

fordy1110, Jan 25, 7:27pm
and do not NOT go into the hillmorton shops chinese, it has the atm attached to it. bad BAD BAD! had food poisoning twice.
rung health department up as well So I hope they get shut down.
Not only me who got sick as well and we all got different meals.

-weasel-, Feb 3, 4:47pm
Jumbos gives me migraines. Must got hard on their MSG :/

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