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gypsy271, Jul 22, 5:35pm
Hi All. does anyone know a tall, late 50-60years old, well spoken woman who pushes a shopping trolley around the area. Mum and I met her this morning at our work which is not a safe place for her to be around. We gave her a coffee and offered her some food and asked if she needed anything but its a bit airy as you don't know these days in Christchurch who your dealing with. We have tried to help people in need before and were nearly smacked over so we just thought someone might have some info. Thanks heaps

jcmp21, Jul 23, 6:48am
I think I saw this lady a week or so ago maybe. I drove by and thought weird, reminds me of an American TV show. I tihnk it was on the road behind Northlands.

gypsy271, Jul 23, 9:53am
Hope someone knows her :-(

karenmarie20, Jul 25, 5:57am
Hi she spoke to my mum at northlands mall the other day and then
yesterday she was at the RSA and was asked to leave.

gypsy271, Jul 25, 9:55am
Do you happen to know why she was asked to leave?

karenmarie20, Jul 26, 11:02am
After she kept helping herself to coffee and biscuits and harassing the men there.lol

zynnie, Oct 31, 3:40pm
This discussion has been brought to my attention from a member of the RSA. The above statement is not factually correct. The RSA staff extended a welcome offered her coffee and biscuits, she was welcome to stay and only ask to leave after approaching members questioning their views on religion.
Wendy Clark
General Manager

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