Helicopters? What are they looking for?

jaydan1, Jun 24, 10:49am
Have heard a couple tonight.

annarexic, Jun 24, 12:08pm
They have been doing large circular movements over and over all night in the Parklands - to- Burwood area over several hours and on 2 occasions they were hovering at almost standstill almost directly over our house inching very slowly across for about 10 minutes. It's weird, especially so late at night.

lucky.gadgets, Jun 24, 2:01pm
Heard a helicopter go over a few hours ago, and it wasn't the rescue helicopter like it normally is, then about 15 min later another one went over, and it did sound like the same one, but both were going in same direction. But we are out near west melton. Maybe they are doing some sort of mapping of fault lines with some form of radar, probably at night because fewer air traffic? Just a guess

jaydan1, Jun 24, 6:55pm
I'm in Parklands to annarexic, was quite unsettling as was quite loud and so late at night. Be nice to know what it was all about lol.

jcmp21, Jun 24, 6:59pm
Probably keeping the frost off the Parklands vineyards

fordy1110, Jun 24, 8:52pm
i heard it as well and was told by someone on the republic page that they were trying to locate the person/person who used a lazer at a helicopter or something like that. I will try and copy the page if i can.
hopefully link will work :)

fordy1110, Jun 24, 8:54pm

jaydan1, Jun 24, 9:48pm
Oh wow, thanks fordy. I was worried it was some escaped loony lol.

bosch2006, Jun 25, 12:23am
Back yard growers

bubbleburp, Jun 25, 12:48am
on the breeze they said it was a small plane doing its night flight practice .

fordy1110, Apr 9, 4:20pm
I just went back on the group and they said they rung the police and the police didn't have a clue what was going on, no one was missing.And 1 person even wrote in to chris lynch and he didn't know anything and was going to look into it. but all a interesting night lol.

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