Low water pressure in Parklands?

Is anyone else experiencing this?

babyluthi, May 29, 8:29 pm

Could be frozen pipes with a -6 frost this morning. Heard a few residents having this problem yesterday

jon9, May 29, 8:31 pm

I had super low pressure in Bryndwr this morn. I can only assume it was frozen pipes.

jonners2013, May 29, 8:41 pm

same here in Shirley

rosiemoodle, May 29, 8:47 pm

Ah okay thanks:)

babyluthi, May 29, 8:51 pm

No, not okay! :)

jonners2013, May 29, 9:12 pm

Our Gas bottles must be frozen ,our hot water is just a dribble !

lyndad59, Aug 13, 2:44 pm