Anything happening this Queens Birthday weekend?

pohutukawa_, May 25, 6:09am
Whats everyone upto?

honest-reliable, May 25, 6:46am
looks like there is a run through the centre of the city

astrophe, May 25, 7:18am
And a building coming down.

issymae, May 25, 9:28pm
my birthday so will be blobbing out

jessebird, May 26, 8:27am

robyn35, May 26, 8:46am
working too but only on sunday

emmaj26, May 26, 9:40am
Halswell School official opening of the rebuilt school on Sunday. Winter Carnival to celebrate its 150th anniversary at the school on Monday. It's in the radio with times etc.

nickyd, Aug 24, 3:45pm

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