Mitten Vinyl Cladding Q?

avoking, Jul 21, 7:05pm

just wondering if anyone has any feedback on the Mitten Vinyl Cladding - does it creek? Any other negatives/positives?

poggy, Jul 22, 11:02pm
We were thinking of using the Mitten Vinyl Cladding on our rebuild as it is low maintenance. Our architect advised us against it as it is manufactured to suit the weather extremes of Canada and although it is certified here there was no proof it would suit our harsh sun etc long term. We have gone with Palliside. Apparently to begin with the palliside product did have some issues but it has been improved and perhaps for their reputation, could do with rebranding. our rebuild has only just started so cant comment on the finished product. Good luck.

kathy9, Nov 25, 1:09pm
We have Palliside on our home which is now just over 8yrs old and have had no issues with it. When it gets dirty is easy to just spray it down and clean.

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