Thunder Storm

540trickzter, Sep 11, 3:50am
Wow, was nice and sunny a hour or so ago and now the weather changed suddenly, now heavy hail and lightning.

foamyone, Sep 11, 3:52am
Insane. I saw debris floating in the sky like it was a twister or something.

foamyone, Sep 11, 3:54am
and that thunder clap? woooaahhh

dreamingofbali, Sep 11, 3:54am
Where, foamyone?

foamyone, Sep 11, 3:56am
I'm in Dallington

babyluthi, Sep 11, 3:56am
Outside weeding garden. Heard a hell of a roar - thought it was an EQ coming. stood up and the pine treees ONE block over dark as night and I went to run inside and it piled through the garden just as I made the front door. House was shaking. Petrified! Now it is rain, hail, thunder and lightning. What a bloomin' fright:/

jon9, Sep 11, 4:02am
During our upcoming el nino summer we are going to have a lot more short sharp summer storms like this one.

lyndad59, Sep 11, 4:10am
Looked like it here too ! Could hardly see for the dust !

kingjj, Sep 11, 4:24am
Neighbours trampoline now sitting on another neighbours roof. Made the avo more interesting.

kids4ever, Sep 11, 4:56am
I was out weeding too, trying to get done before storm hit, just got inside with seconds to spare and OMG, what a loud bang of thunder and down it came, I jumped like . lol

david_270, Sep 11, 5:43am
I don't get why it was a surprise?
It was forecast, and arrived fairly well on time.

gman35, Sep 11, 6:42am
"Very sudden low dark cloud" and wind with a real tornado weather look that I don't remember seeing for some time.
Was actually expecting to see some twisters touch down !

samanya, Sep 11, 8:50am
Hey guys . it's called 'weather'!

brightlights60, Sep 11, 10:45am
It was the suddeness of the change. If you read, people barely made it inside. Its not like our usual weather you can see coming, this fairly rolled in with no warning. One moment it was clear, then all hell broke loose. Here in redwood the noise was horrendous, I was expecting a twister as well! Everything was shaking.

nzmax, Sep 11, 11:24am
Guess it depends where in the city you were. I work in Addington and 3 of us were having afternoon smoko and watched it for near on 20mins before the wind changed and started raining. Definitely not sudden where I was. I must say that watching the sou'west cloud rolling in underneath the existing nor'west cloud is kind of impressive though.

schnauzer11, Sep 11, 12:15pm
Ooh, I do love a storm! I watched the neighbour's gum-trees toss and roll like water boiling, then a big Crack! Wonderful.

hibees1, Sep 11, 2:57pm
I was flying into Christchurch when it happened, scary stuff. Plane was getting blow all over the place as we were landing.

tygertung, Sep 11, 6:28pm
It took me an hour and a half to bike home from work into the wind and rain. It usually only takes about 35-40 minutes. Got a wee bit cold by the end. Gloves filled up with water!

brightlights60, May 12, 4:11pm
We are in Redwood, and can usually see a Southerly change coming in from the South. This looked like it came in sideways with literally no warning. Was down at the shops and one of the owners was quite shocked as stuff she had outside ended up down the street. She said the clap of thunder made the front window shake and she thought we were having another quake. She was quite pale when I went in there. I have heard others say it had all the appearances of a mini tornado, with debri flying everywhere. Knocked a few branches off our big tree here, was certainly wild for a couple of hours.

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