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lm446, Dec 28, 10:01am
Number 17 Chancery Lane was great. The pancakes were fantastic. I loved the Oyster and Cheese ones.
Large coffee cups. the owner was a skinny guy who always wore a turtle neck and had a well trimmed beard.
The urban legend was that it had been a brothel

lyttelton2, Dec 29, 1:09am
Now someone's said it, I agree, it was Leo'sCoffee House originally, then changed to Sargeant Peppers later.
In the Square, we used to buy plastic cups from Krispy Chips (by the United Service pub) to 'pre-load' with our McWilliams port LOL. The dodgy one was The Cat's Pyjamas (burger bar) 'round the other side by Warners - was open the latest, but used to be frequented by some dodgies late at night.
retroqueen1 - totally get the hairspray comment! - Black can 'Sillhouette'

jcmp21, Dec 29, 1:44am
Was the doghouse not there at that time?

retroqueen1, Dec 29, 3:09am
Yes I went through a large can a week of that stuff

slimgym, Dec 29, 5:03pm
the dog house great place, but hey I.m not dodgy.

There used to be a hamburger place in Colombo street by Tuam street, they used to be good.

lyttelton2, Dec 29, 8:23pm
Yep, the Doghouse was the main one, but the Cats Pyjamas was a little fish and chip place right next door. Actually, both enjoyed a 'different' clientele than the other side of the Square LOL.

Anyone else remember the Miami Vice style gay bar 'Eden' up on the second or third floor of the United Services pub? Lots of mirrors, pastels and plants. Such a bizarre venue, but so much fun (and wine coolers) had there!

cronezone, Dec 30, 1:22am
I think it may have been the Kashmir;so long ago its hard to be sure.

jamie2016, Dec 30, 1:31am
There used to be a quaint little tearoom beside the old cinerama picture theatre in Worcester street east back in 1980's as the old no. 10 new Brighton bus (via keys road) used to stop right outside it (across the street from tramway lane)

shazza351, Dec 30, 7:04am
awesome photo, thanks for posting it

twinkle2s, Dec 30, 8:09am
yes it was I worked at Warners and went there after work I'm sure it was also Leo's at one stage

nickyd, Dec 30, 9:48am

jamie2016, Dec 31, 6:01am
Leo's coffee lounge was right across the stairwell from the central city medical centre

lyttelton2, Feb 6, 10:47pm
And Yates Hair Salon was upstairs beside that.

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