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thecritic, Jan 1, 5:12am
Don't forget Caffeinds (the best coffee house in the city) next to Doghouse and Kashmir Lounge on Colombo st opposite Hays/Haywrights or even the Hole in the wall on high st.

kassie48, Jan 1, 11:17am
Never heard of Caffeinds? Hole In Wall was on Manchester Street, not far from Cokers

usualsuspect, Jan 2, 11:15am
Gosh we used to go to Leos in the 70s. what about the Victoria Coffee Lounge which was round by the river on Oxford Tce. cnr of Montreal and Oxford I think it was. instant coffee (didnt even have a coffee perk) . had old wine bottles with candle wax dripping all over them for lighting .
ETA Who remembers Hays Roof playground and Santa Grotto at Christmas time?

deerhurst, Jan 2, 11:20am
I remember those

jcmp21, Jan 2, 6:40pm
Caffeinds was around the corner from the doghouse, by that alleyway that led through to Gloucester st.

usualsuspect, Jan 3, 1:26am
shame all of them have gone now. takes away the character of the city. some of them might not meet the health and safety codes of today (am thinking of those candles in the bottles at the Victiora Cafe, it was so dark in there and crowded).

slimgym, Jan 3, 2:42pm
that is the shame of it they have gone, I mean we could remember these places but still see them as we drove past but now well. that's the saddest part

usualsuspect, Jan 4, 11:35am

usualsuspect, Jan 5, 12:33pm
I remember that tea rooms it was a popular wee place there was a department store around there too but I cant remember what that was called. it wasnt as big as Hays or DIC/Beaths etc oooh I wish I could remember the name. in the 80s it was still there

nickyd, Jan 14, 5:18am
Can't help you on that one I'm afraid, but speaking of tea rooms I always remember the Dainty Inn, because of that pneumatic tube ordering system (similar to the change ones they had at Ballantynes) - was such a treat to go there with my nana when I was young. I found this online - the book might be worth a look ! http://www.stuff.co.nz/the-press/christchurch-life/71423589/christchurch-memories-of-a-city-lost

russellw, Jan 14, 8:28am
Department store Calder Mckay .

rasin11, Dec 27, 4:06am
Could someone please solve our 'discussion'
What was the name of the coffee shop upstairs by 3ZB and near Minsons in Colombo Street in the days gone by please?

coralsnake, Dec 27, 5:31am
Gosh was only thinking about the place the other night - the toasted sandwiches they made. Think they were the only ones making them!
But darn if I can remember the name.

Had a look through the CCC's photo website but couldn't come up with anything.
Try posting on

rasin11, Dec 27, 6:06am
Thank you so much will do.

lyttelton2, Dec 27, 6:07am
Wasn't Sargent Peppers was it? I remember they had lots of Beatles memorabilia there and it was 'cool' to break the heads off the very flimsy teaspoons and bury them in the sugar bowls. I think it was called something else before that though. (Whoops, misspent youth!) There was also the much more hip "Vic" (Victorian Coffee Lounge) in Oxford Terrace that used to have the wine bottles as candle holders on the tables with layers of dripped wax you would pick off, be very dark and they would hold poetry reading nights and have chess boards on the tables. There was also The Coffee Pot in New Regent Street.

fireandice71, Dec 27, 6:20am
Was that the Albatross?

cronezone, Dec 27, 6:22am
I vaguely remember that,it had a slightly Indian name & then later changed to Sgt Pepper's.

sylvia, Dec 27, 6:41am
Don't think it was the Albatross as that was in the square by Chancery Lane.

nickyd, Dec 27, 8:11am
Leo's ? - Cant remember exactly where it was, but thought somewhere around that area

dunnock, Dec 27, 8:21am
Yes, definitely Leo's Coffee House. Became Sgt Pepper's down the track.

retroqueen1, Dec 27, 11:15am
I loved Vics, a great place for after hours drinking via the very strong Irish Coffees. The candles were lethal too back in the 80s, you should never light your smoke on them while having your hair teased up high loaded with hairspray, I saw hair being set alight many a time. Plus the place was so busy it was easy to leave without paying.

issymae, Dec 27, 8:37pm
used to love cinnamon toast in café upstairs in square- after night out on town;

donma, Dec 27, 8:57pm
The Swiss Chalet for Sunday night family treat and a milk shake at the Dainty Inn in High Street when in town with my mother.

janbodean, Dec 27, 9:13pm
Might it have been The Kashmere?

retroqueen1, Dec 28, 9:49am

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