Robbies on queenspark

deniseandsteve, Jul 12, 7:46am
Just got home had two meals a chicken filo and a famous grill. Steak on grill was rare to the point of being raw .Sent it back took 3 minutes to come back well done. Paid using a voucher from voucher book it cost $63 for meal and two pints of beer and two glasses of house wine, will not be going back and recommend others also avoid.

deerhurst, Jul 12, 7:51am
Just because you had a bad experience doesn't mean others will. What cook did you ask for on your steak?

porsh_a, Jul 12, 8:14am
That's a shame to hear. I've enjoyed many lovely meals there (including as recently as two weeks ago) - and haven't found them to be as expensive as a lot of other places, and the meals have been cooked perfectly. Maybe you just struck a one-off not-so-great experience.

lee289, Aug 5, 8:39am
I agree last time we went there for lunch, it was awful. The chef was swearing and singing loudly, talking about the girl he was currently chasing he was so loud and there were only two tables occupied, we heard more of his colourful life than we did our mum- it was mums birthday and her daughters took her out for lunch- I will never go back

tdf_, Aug 5, 8:49am
What did you expect??

kids4ever, Aug 5, 9:24am
why avoid? we go there a lot and never had a problem, i recommend the place, i lve all Robbies restaurants, get great meals, reasonable and good staff

kids4ever, Aug 5, 9:26am
if you weren't happy with the way the chef was carrying on, why didn't you complain to the manager, no use complaining after

firob, Aug 5, 10:53am
Sadly Robbies, generally, have gone down hill. Next time deniseandsteve, try OneGood Horse , great service & top meal.

slimgym, Aug 5, 8:16pm
we used to always go to Robbies but we had a meal at cranford st and decided that was our last one at robbies. The menus are so unexciting they should MKR and get some ideas.

One good horse we have one around the road from us in Avonhead might give it a go but we do love 3 Cows last time we were there they told us they are going to open in Victoria street

lorischch, Aug 5, 8:21pm
Our one experience of Robbies in Parklands - empty dining room at lunchtime, being ignored while staff chatted, depressing decor, mundane food.

craftylady1, Aug 5, 10:20pm
One Good Horse is close to us as well. found it good, but not spectacular.
Always like to try new local restaurants

gaspodetwd, Aug 6, 5:28am
I'm looking forward to trying gas monkey.
Last time we grabbed a meal at Robbies it was really nice - much better than one good horse. Just good pub food.

lee289, Aug 14, 9:04pm
Lol I don't care enough about the place, there were heaps of things that changed after their last change of management (a few years ago) I thought I'd try it one more time. If after now many years of declining business (the place use to be packed solid) management haven't realised there ARE problems, nothing I say will make them change their ways. Maybe you should say something- you seem quite passionate about the place

lee289, Aug 14, 9:09pm
I agree One Good Horse is the way to go in Parklands! Wait staff are amazing, they are great with kids (if you take them along), the food is great and decor is interesting- all those tickets on the ceiling :)

digga7, Aug 14, 9:20pm
We used to frequent Robbies all the time. I've been to Parklands twice and both times we had problems. Once, we even ended up with a hair in the food.

We thought it might have just been that particular restaurant so since then, we've been to Riccarton and had a similar experience.

They really have gone down hill.

There's a Mexican Cantina just up the road from AMI Stadium (Can't remember their name). Been there 3 times and can't fault them. Good food, great service and atmosphere.

shakirafan, Aug 15, 4:12am
Alva Rados.

kids4ever, Aug 15, 4:22am
no use me complaining as we haven't had a problem **as yet**, they will definately know if we did, lol, editing to add--we don't go a lot, but always our first choice when we decide to go out

tennisfanz, Aug 15, 6:13am
Robbies generally is pretty dreadful. I have eaten at Belfast, Cranford Str and Parklands and I would have to wonder why people ever eat there. Why does it have to be so low quality? It can't be cheap to own a franchise so why the apathy in running the business.

tygertung, Aug 22, 4:24pm
Yeah my wife and I and a friend went there. Actually pretty good food! Wasn't expecting that as it looks like it would be a dud. We eat out a lot so know what is good. I guess 'foodies' would be the term although it is a term that I don't like.

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