HELP I want to install a logburner

spunkeymonkey, Jun 7, 6:02am
I need some help here is heartofthehome and golfaholic2 around.? I know I have taken so long about doing this but I have finally found the information that you guys suggested that I get in another thread "Log Burners" started by bergkamp 1.11pm sat 21 feb 2015. I will paste in here what I said and then your replies. But at the end of the day am I too late.?

heartofthehome (60 60 positive feedback) 12:12 pm, Sun 22 Feb #7Yup. Not long now. Two have past the test, another may do shortly (that I know of). Resource consent is basically conditions such as labeling, number of units to be sold, instructions etc. This, all things considered, should be a formality. One range may be sold here on TM via a store.

spunkeymonkey (123 123 positive feedback) 12:53 pm, Sun 22 Feb #8
OMG i soooo hope that is correct. I would rather a log burner than a heat pump. I have an ex state house and the idiots that I bought the house off ripped the original burner out. I have only had the house for 4.5 years - if I knew then what I now know I would not of bought the house or I would of gotten the original owners to put a log burner in. Fingers crossed

golfaholic2 (0 ) 4:54 pm, Sun 22 Feb #10
I suggest you track down the details of when the burner/fire was removed . you may well be entitled to install a conventional burner .
I wouldn't wait too long tho , because it's a given that ECan will close the loophole which could see you return to a burner

spunkeymonkey, Jun 7, 6:04am
heartofthehome (60 60 positive feedback) 5:00 pm, Sun 22 Feb #11
Very true point Golfaholic. I believe the rule is that if there was a fire installed as of 2001 you can install one again. Couple of things to note though, you don't have to prove that it had one but do have to state that it did, if that makes sense. Check your property details. If the previous owner swapped their log burner for a heatpump under the home heating programme you will need to ensure that they didn't sign anything stating that they will not install a log burner again.

spunkeymonkey (123 123 positive feedback) 5:19 pm, Mon 23 Feb #28
Hi heartofthehome. When I bought the property there was no log burner so I put the heat pump in myself (at that time it was March?April and I was going to have to wait 5 months for a log burner to be installed to which at this point of time there was no blah blah blah about not able to put one in - so because winter was around the corner it was faster for me to put a heat pump in if all this makes sense).

heartofthehome (60 60 positive feedback) 5:56 pm, Mon 23 Feb #29 Hi there. Yes, it does. So when was the log burner removed?

hi heartofthehome - 3 months later . I am not sure when the fire was removed. I have looked on my builders report the one you have to do for the bank before purchasing a house and in it it has stated "Chimney Location" - nil. Chimney has been dismantled with base and footing remaining under proprty
Under Roof Space - Roof Framing - . Evidence of removal of "CHIMNEY", noted. This report was done Sep 2010.
Is a builders report enough to get a consent to put a log burner in ? or will I need more? TIA

pezarointeriors, Jun 7, 7:28am
Hi spunkeymonkey. It may not be great news I'm afraid. I may well be wrong but it is my understanding that the loophole that would have allowed you to install a normal clean air approved log burner has been closed up with the new air plan. That would leave you with the option of an approved ultra low emissions burner. There are three approved. More expensive than a normal combustion log burner but use far less fuel and do not have an expiry date.

spunkeymonkey, Jun 7, 7:03pm
hi heartofthehome thank you for all you help though - never mind now i have to go shopping for one so another mission - you don't happen to know what the brands are called to do please.

spunkeymonkey, Jun 7, 7:04pm
oops don't sorry worry about that I have found it.

golfaholic2, Jun 7, 7:50pm
: the loophole has been closed - correct .
: they use far less wood - very questionable
: resource consent for numbers is a formality - correct at the moment .
: no expiry date - meaningless

pezarointeriors, Jun 7, 9:01pm
Yes golfaholic, they use far less fuel. Fact.

golfaholic2, Jun 7, 9:18pm
A one bar heater uses far less electricity than a 3 bar heater . FACT .

Seeing as the thermal efficiency of the ULE burners is comparable to my Osburn 1600 , I suggest "questionable" is a fair term .

We shall not split hairs and debate the stupidity of the thermal efficiency testing

pezarointeriors, Jun 7, 9:38pm
Fair enough golfaholic but actually I wasn't. I was referring to the well recognised C Lamb report on fuel use as opposed to the actually fuel use as tested. As the C Lamb report details 23 different log burners its fair to say that the ULEBs use less fuel.

tygertung, Jun 7, 10:23pm
I have an 'Ethos Phoenix' log burner put in by the council whenh we replaced the open fire. Aparently it is an Ultra Low Emission type. I can confirm that it doesn't use that much wood and it smashes out heaps of heat.
I remember going to a holiday home and it had a normal old log burner and you had to put an an enormous amount of wood to get any heat out of it.

I am happy with the new fancy one.

cassina1, Jun 7, 10:51pm
Installing a log burner has become highly risky now with the ECAN fine of $750 if it smokes for more than a short time at startup.

golfaholic2, Jun 25, 3:16pm
You simply take it to court and ask the judge if ECan can tell if it was smoke or steam they were seeing .

tygertung - Ethos and a few other manufacturers took it upon themselves to label their burners "ultra low emission" . the term is subjective tho , meaning there is no finite emission level for classifying burners .
Interestingly , the Ethos tests cleaner than any of the 3 ULE burners authorised to date , that's when tested under the original test .
ECan have chosen a figure of 0.5g/Kg under a more strict test , and this batch of burners are called ulta low emission . at the moment

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