House Demolition

blb71, Apr 26, 9:36pm
Anybody here have any idea approximately how much it would cost to demo a house at 94m sq with a separate single garage?

bergkamp, Apr 27, 2:47am

bosch2006, Apr 27, 3:05am
Ill do it for 15k

mitster, Apr 28, 9:24am
greenzone, excluding asbestos about 15k,

jonners2013, Apr 28, 10:17am

robotix1970, Apr 28, 12:49pm
depending on who is paying for it, we know someone who could do it cheaply for around $9,500.

acclimatise, Dec 5, 6:04pm
It depends if there is any asbestos in it . I can give you a price . 021896070 peter we do work for Hawkins and Cera

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