Older satellite images

mousiemousie, Aug 23, 8:34pm
I am trying to find the website that has satellite images of Christchurch covering the last 50 years or so. It was a database type thing and you could type in a address and it would bring it up. I think you could look at images done in 10 year increments or something like that? I think someone posted the link to it on here some time back. It probably covered all of New Zealand not just Christchurch. Does anybody know the site I mean?

golfaholic2, Aug 23, 8:55pm
Yeah , the address is in the favourites of my old PC . but it died

Someone will post a link before long . Id google it but am eating breakfast lol

klc1, Aug 23, 9:19pm

mousiemousie, Aug 23, 9:50pm
Cheers, that's it. :-)

survivalkiwi, Aug 23, 9:54pm
I was going to ask Did they have satellites 50 years ago?
But when I googled it I found the first one was put up in 1957.

zoopa, Aug 24, 12:51am
1941. Holy crap!

r.g.nixon, Aug 24, 12:53am
Older images, in fact even recent images of high quality will be from aerial photography, not satellites.

juli55, Aug 24, 3:33am
I've got a little book of postcards from 1957 showing fancy Christchurch buildings.
Christchurch looks different now.

melonhead1, Aug 24, 3:45am
That is very neat.
Are there similar sites for other parts of the country?

puddles11, Aug 24, 3:47am
It's interesting to watch the city boundaries grow through the decades - if only there was a Street View option as well! One thing I envy about future generations is the rich source of imagery they will have at their disposal to explore a Christchurch they never saw for themselves.

klc1, Aug 24, 4:05am
Christchurch Kete http://ketechristchurch.peoplesnetworknz.info/places_and_streets#.VdlGJMRXeK0 has some interesting historical photos of Christchurch Streets and places - well worth a look - probably the nearest there is to a historic Street View :)

klc1, Jul 14, 3:23pm

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