Okay.who was doing the nudie thing here?

craftylady1, Jun 9, 1:59am

jessebird, Jun 9, 2:38am
How can anything or person be blamed for earthquakes how pathetic.

jcmp21, Jun 9, 7:34am
Bloody toolshop again.

craftylady1, Jun 9, 7:56am
I wondered that then thought yea/nah. he hasn't done any

golfaholic2, Jun 9, 6:44pm
28 runs and a nude sleigh ride crafty . he shouldn't be allowed to get away without doing them IMO

samanya, Jun 10, 6:48am
Hey crafty . mr tool should do his run on a cold frosty morning in my area . he wouldn't have to hide anything!

craftylady1, Jun 10, 7:52am
He will never do a nuddy run. he is too scared. hence all his scardy threads here

brighteyes16, Jun 17, 4:23pm
They blamed the Jews for the Black Plague.

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