Botanic Gardens

tomber, Jan 22, 11:07am
Has anyone else seen that beautiful 'Bee Garden' in the park? Its one of the loveliest things I've ever seen in a garden. Has anyone managed anything like this in their own garden? If so any tips?

lazygardener, Jan 23, 5:14pm
Where is it located tomber?

firebirds, Jan 24, 8:32am
yea where is it in the gardens tomber I go there often and haven't come across it

vic008, Jan 25, 9:53am
Is it the Curators Garden by the restaurant?

dragon500, Feb 4, 2:47am
I agree tomber it is lovely, I'm not a gardener so can't give any tips, but I took a few photos, maybe someone else will recognise the flowers and could give you advice. The only flowers I could identify were the poppies.
The bee friendly garden is near the old cafe and the children's playground.

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