School uniforms

lotsofmoney, Oct 11, 10:17am
Hi i wondered if anyone knows if there is any special grants or funds u can apply for for school uniform costs. Single working parent but uniform is costing $1900 for 2 kids (college) any ideas of whom would be fab. Thanku

jamesnmatt, Oct 11, 10:38am
not funding as such, but I know Lithgows and Bambi both do lay-by options which means you could start paying it off now - almost 4 months until school starts next year might make a good dent in it?

babylak, Oct 11, 11:14am
Mainland Uniforms are giving a discount (it's either 10% or 15%) if you lay buy with them now.

phade01, Oct 11, 5:45pm
The Warehouse do a 3 month lay-bys and you can use your Christmas Club vouchers in Jan to buy school uniform s as well next year

tygertung, Oct 11, 7:21pm
Sometimes the schools have a second hand uniform sale. That's where my parents got my uniform from when I went to CBHS. Also if you go to the sock factory in town- not sure what it is called, you can get cheap school socks. I usually wear school socks anyway for general use as they're wool, durable and warm.

ryanm2, Oct 11, 7:21pm
What school? - probably buy second hand quite easily.

vintage_betty, Oct 11, 10:42pm
But you have lotsofmoney? ;-) Ha, sorry!
Birthright (an organisation for single parents) used to do grants for school uniforms. It wasn't the full amount of course and there were a few restrictions but worth a try.

tomber, Oct 12, 12:45am
$1900 for two kids holy cow that is madness. I had to kit two of mine out at the same time, I used trade me and also the schools own second hand shop, I got the cheapest of the second hand stuff and repaired it. They had to share PE kit the first few terms. I didn't buy any extras that were not compulsory and they couldn't join any sport that had specific uniform needs. It still cost a few hundred as I got the expensive shoes new. I think all schools do the second hand shop thing.

kids4ever, Oct 12, 2:27am
you can get good second hand ones from the school, and look on trademe as well, why pay more than you have to

kiwimum, Oct 12, 3:29am
Buy the summer uniform first and the winter one closer to the time. That way you not only split the costs, but can pick up clean second hand items cheaper in the off season

jane310567, Oct 12, 7:11am
Trade Me great for uniforms! Crazy prices at the shops.

brightlights60, Oct 12, 8:31am
No its not madness, around $1000 is pretty standard. Blazers alone are over $200. By the time you buy that, the Summer component and the Winter and sometimes the sports stuff, well over. We budgeted, bought a mixture of second hand and new.

lotsofmoney, Oct 17, 8:28am
I have a layby at Bambi drapery but just heard they have gone into liquidation. Does anyone know anything?

lotsofmoney, Oct 17, 8:30am
Oh by the way city mission were doing hardship funds for school uniforms. It isn't just for low income, anyone is welcome to apply. Not too sure if they are still offering it, they were last year.

slimgym, Oct 17, 4:10pm
christs college have a second hand uniform place just ring the school

survivalkiwi, Oct 17, 5:59pm
I would have thought if you could afford to send your child to Christ's you could afford a new uniform.

tygertung, Oct 17, 8:23pm
Maybe you valued your children's education higher but didn't have enough for the school AND the uniform.

voidhawkltd, Oct 22, 7:47pm
I just heard that yesterday from some very upset parents who had our schools new sports uniform on layby there. There will be a lot of people out of pocket now, it will be a huge added stress trying to replace what they have lost. It's a shame, they've been around for so long. They were the only place that stocked our girls culottes and the sports gear.
Schools will need to get on to it quickly and let parents know where they can get their stuff from for next year

phade01, Oct 23, 6:05am
Hi there

What school is this for?

tigger250, Dec 13, 3:39pm
I understand that the school can apply to the Mayors Fund on your behalf but there is quite a bit of rigmarole to go through - talk to the school secretary about this. You need bank statements as well as you can understand that there are some people out there who will try to rip off the system.

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