School holiday ideas for 8 year old boy

blou, Apr 7, 9:48am
8 year old grandson visiting for the week from Nelson any cool ideas for some things to do this week appreciated

supersapper, Apr 7, 9:53am
Air force museum is always good. and free. Mini golf, rock pools at the beach. Movie choices aren't so great these holidays for boys unfortunately.

pooks3, Apr 7, 9:54am
Bouncy castle world in iverson tce
Ten pin bowling
Mini golf
Ferry mead
Willow bank
Orana park
Re start mall
Bike ride
Various parks etc
Indoor pool
Antarctic centre
Laser tag

tomber, Apr 7, 9:59am
Took a bunch of 8 year olds to Ferrymead and they loved it. Laser tag too. And you could take him for lunch in C1 so his food comes shooting round the ceiling and then hike him up the staircase next door to the roof (the art place between C1 and Alices videostore) you get a great view of Christchurch from up there, this plan ensures you get a coffee break too.

emmaj26, Apr 7, 11:13am
Imagination station if he's into lego.

supersapper, Apr 7, 8:58pm
Thanks Emma for the tip about Imagination Station. I have 3 lego mad grandsons who I have often and this looks great fun for them.

pooks3, Apr 7, 9:01pm
Ice skating

chatsmom, Apr 7, 9:06pm
There's some good discounts for activities on here

lindaquinn, Apr 7, 9:26pm
My 8 yr olds say Lego imagination and the art exhibit at the y m c a they thought was cool. Park in the gardens and walk through.

fordy1110, Apr 7, 10:04pm
inflatable world.
hornby,redwood and iverson tce
cool place and will burn off some energy as well. :) you can join him as well.

blou, Apr 7, 10:15pm
Thank you so so much everyone great ideas to keep him happy and me a bit exhausted but happy as well really appreciated all the awesome ideas

calista, Apr 8, 7:21am
Wow I wish I was 8 again -so many choices.

jessebird, Apr 8, 7:23am
All at a cost #3

slimgym, Apr 8, 6:58pm
beach, bike ride doesnt cost and the local swimming pool is cheap

fordy1110, Apr 8, 8:21pm
I know it may be boring for some kids.
But maybe some baking? cakes,cookies,home made pizzas, Painting rocks,( you'll have memories of him being with you) growing a head of grass ( I cant remember how to do that)
if you want to go to the movies go to the palms its cheaper. $10 or $12 (3d) where Hoyts is $18 we went to see Shaun the sheep on Saturday lol. we had to use the ticket miss 11 got from school last year.
you can just go the video store and get a movie, make some snacks great for a rainy cold day.
make a list of some cool places that cost money and he is to choose 1 0r 2 (up to you how much you want to spend)
and the rest is to be done either at home, going for a walk,bike ride,local park or go for a bus ride to another suburb. picnic lunch maybe a treat a nice icecream/drink etc.

Have a great time :)

strats5, Apr 14, 6:41pm
Some things my kids like
Walk through the botanic gardens to museum. Have lunch on the cafe.
Take him to boot a ball, walk dog or ride bike around hagley
Victoria park
South brighton walk down to southshore
Bowling at amf
Peterborough st library- great books & games
Watch some club rugby/netball on saturdays
Go pineconing at spencer park then play on flying foxes
Cooking at home-make pizzas from scratch

bosch2006, Dec 10, 5:10pm

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