Stonewood homes

Has anyone heard rumors of SWHs going bust? We have heard rumors, and as we are awaiting building consent with them we find this very concerning!

j_9_, Jul 10, 1:25 pm

I would like to know as well

suka, Jul 10, 6:36 pm

I have heard this also. keen to know more? Perhaps they spent too much money on their own build?

ljx, Jul 10, 8:08 pm

Would have thought that if anyone had a problem it would be MG. Does a lot of spec homes, slow completing insurance rebuilds.
But, not aware of either of them having trouble. Insurance cos seem committed to them for rebuilds.

david_270, Jul 10, 9:46 pm

Yes the amount of sites MG is buying up is rather large

tavendale1, Jul 11, 8:17 am

I understood MG also now owns a considerable portion of Bainbridge Homes?

supersapper, Jul 11, 3:24 pm

"Stonewood has the largest market share in Christchurch" Yeah, right.

aphra1, Jul 12, 9:11 am

From the many threads about Stonewood over the last few years I would venture the opinion that they have suffered from greed in taking on far too many contracts without the staff to complete the jobs in a reasonable time frame. I wonder how much damage has been done to their reputation simply because they bit off more than they could chew (and took on PMs without screening them adequately to see if they were up to the job)?

supersapper, Jul 12, 9:24 am

Really? You come on here defending a company and spouting off only to retract when challenged. I suggest you extend your search to Canterbury ( most new housing is outside of Christchurch City) and I think you will see a very different picture.

aphra1, Jul 12, 1:10 pm

No. Some people manage their business to fit their capacity, not let the sales reps just sign up as many punters as possible.
Under-promise & over-deliver is better than over-promise & under-deliver.
Plenty of unhappy customers to spread the word - an unhappy customer tells something like ten times more other people than a happy customer.
And whats the secret "hook" that pushes the IC jobs Stonewoods way? Why won't the IC's give work to the smaller builders who can get the builds completed way quicker?

david_270, Jul 12, 5:44 pm

I couldn't agree more.
I used to own motels & my brief to staff was . one unhappy customer & it spreads 20 times more than 5 happy customers. it's the same in retail or any business.

samanya, Jul 12, 5:56 pm

Stonewood are arrogant across the country, not just chch. And I have resourses other than Google also.

hd07, Jul 12, 7:51 pm

And I wouldn't build with either if you paid me!
And yes. I am currently building!

fatima1, Jul 12, 10:22 pm

doesnt matter who you build with if its a sealed toxic box of chemicals and plastics which are funneled into nz homes. with ALL of these home companies NOT ONE sells a house on its PERFORMANCE! just looks and fittings

eltorokaka, Jul 13, 12:31 am

Hello My name is Brent Mettrick I am the owner of Stonewood Homes NZ and chch the lead question was are we going bust? That answer is the same as it has been for the last 27 years when I started the company - a definite no. My cell phone number is 027255 0000 please feel free to contact me. As for the rest of the statements ask me either on here or and I will respond as there is very little correct here. By the way MG is larger than us in Chch and good on him

bldr1, Jul 13, 10:37 am

This is incorrect Stonewood homes are toxin free as possible and all materials sourced on this basis

bldr1, Jul 13, 10:39 am

I wonder if TM will make an exception to the rules and allow the post #20 and the poster to remain on this site .
One would like to think common sense will be used , but I'm not putting any money on it
Also , l'd expect the Govt to pick up the pieces if something did happen to a large player .

golfaholic2, Jul 13, 11:11 am

Will be interesting to see golfaholic - on both counts.

twigmans, Jul 13, 11:23 am

I think Brent Mettrick has been on here before to defend his company, and good on him. At least he is aware there are unhappy customers out there.
I wish MG would explain why its taken him 17 months so far to complete the 2 story house just off Centaurus Rd. There are a lot of people watching that one and its pitiful progress.

david_270, Jul 13, 11:39 am

I think he absolutely deserves to be able to post as he did (ok the mobile number probably should be removed, but brave of him to do so). His company was attacked with what looks like pretty significant defamation, and the very least he should be able to do is reply otherwise it would look like Trademe was complicit in it.

tillsbury, Jul 13, 11:40 am

It is understandable a lot of people would be spooked after the story about the building company that went bust a few weeks ago and maybe people need to just start paying building companies weekly if that is their fear. The size of a building company has nothing to do with how secure they are with Mainzeal being proof of that.

cassina1, Jul 13, 12:07 pm

ok,Brent please list an example of a "non toxic" material that is speced on your builds.

eltorokaka, Jul 13, 11:42 pm

Replying only as asked and not trying to promote lifted from our website under air quality a lot of this is code but much is our choice. We have been focused since 2004 when our ecosure specifications were produced
We have a so been a founding sponsor of Homestar the "green" home rating system

All paints are Low VOC Resene paints
glues are Selleys
Low VOC (volatile organic compound) paints not to exceed 150 grams per litre
Low VOC hard flooring
E zero or at least E1 finishing timbers
Granite benches*
Low VOC Construction Adhesives
Non CFC or HCFC Heating system
Solvent base not to exceed 380 grams per litre
Dryer is vented to the exterior *
Range hood vented to exterior
Ventilation fans to bathrooms
Formaldehyde free materials used or specifically sealed
Carbon monoxide detectors available
Smoke detectors as standard
Natural ventilation over 5% of floor

bldr1, Jul 14, 12:03 am

Are you doing 'like for like' rebuild quotes for everyone in Chch? Including older homes that may have special features? Are you including equivalent material/building practices etc?

hd07, Jul 14, 7:02 pm

we build to customers choices but some home materials are just not available or be reproducible - look we just do our best but sometimes we can still get it wrong - it's not easy in this industry in CHCH at present.

bldr1, Jul 14, 8:19 pm

Might be something on Campbell Live tonight.

david_270, Jul 16, 5:40 pm

Definately Stonewood on Campbell live tonight. Check out there facebook page

kiri6, Jul 16, 5:51 pm

This is what the blurb says:
The New Zealand construction industry is on the rise but so are complaints from the public about an industry they say is out of control.

The rot runs deep in the Christchurch construction industry - now one of the big companies is involved.

Julian Lee tonight with Stonewood Homes Limited.

kiri6, Jul 16, 5:52 pm

Yeah just saw the preview on Facebook. Looks like stone wood gonna have abreast complaints against it.

bubbleburp, Jul 16, 5:52 pm

CEO is ringing current customers to say it is on but that things are fine

kiri6, Jul 16, 5:53 pm

This week has seen a burst of activity at the stalled Mike Greer build near us. Either MG has had a burst of conscience over how he has been torturing the owners, or he knows there is scrutiny coming.

david_270, Jul 16, 6:01 pm

Yes we are currently building with SWH and received an email from them today about the forthcoming Campbell Live piece on them tonight - I won't voice any specific negatives on here (as we have recently emailed their GM to address our concerns) but I may say that we are very unimpressed thus far.

tmn35, Jul 16, 6:15 pm

Our PM has been a joke - if SWH are having problems they need to communicate that to their clients. I would love the name of a descent PM with SWH, our PM has offered to withdraw his services - and the fact we are glad about that should say enough.

tmn35, Jul 16, 6:19 pm

As Managing Director We couldnt say we dont own this. Time for change and overdue. We have emailed our customers as we should- time to face up

bldr1, Jul 16, 6:20 pm

Could you email your details to allow me to deal with it please?

bldr1, Jul 16, 6:23 pm

Hi Brent,

We have emailed Barry regarding this - we had emailed him a few weeks ago but nothing has improved. I will flick you an email tomorrow after we watch the piece tonight if you like.

If you are happy to answer here on the public forum I do have a quick question: what do you expect from you PMs? I.e. should trades be scheduled one after another or are over a week delays without any communication from SWH a reality of building in ChCh at the moment, and if so why hasn't this been communicated to clients both current and future?


tmn35, Jul 16, 6:27 pm

Hmmmm, having prepared plans with SWH already in anticipation of Insurance Company rebuild, I am getting rather nervous reading all the negative threads. I will be watching Campbell Live, and I don't have a problem jumping ship if I don't like what a hear.

oskybosky, Jul 16, 6:57 pm

to some extent its naive of the customer to think they gonna get quality home from major housing companies.

eltorokaka, Jul 16, 6:59 pm

Everyone should be able to expect a competent service - may not the best or "excellent quality" but at least competent.

tmn35, Jul 16, 7:01 pm

On Campbell Live now.

cessna3, Jul 16, 7:03 pm

Happy to answer - which council are you in? CCC has 10-15 days between inspections and we have 15-18 inspections each home.
This and the new and constantly changing Fall from heights reg changes are "problematic" - but no excuse if not comunicated. Less than a year ago the homes took 10 weeks less than now.
Schedule should be consecutive and is based on 20 weeks You should be contacted weekly re progress and delays. With the aditional delays of the council - again if CCC? 30 weeks is closer to reality.

bldr1, Jul 16, 7:05 pm

Hi Brent,

We are building in the Selwyn district. We have just hit the beginning of the 16 week mark and have not even got the roof on yet. Easy site, no foundation problems, small three bedroom house.

On the other hand we find our builder easy to talk to, it seems our PM is the weak link (at least this seems the case with the limited information we have).


tmn35, Jul 16, 7:14 pm

Tmn35 - we have had that problem too. Slow build lots of excuses terrible communication. SWH is finally getting the negative press they deserve. Rude and uninformative PManagers.

reuben1982, Dec 26, 4:14 am

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