Cold one this morning


tool_shop173, Jul 12, 7:55 am

no nudie runs this morning

golfaholic2, Jul 12, 8:17 am

Id say thats a negative.

tool_shop173, Jul 12, 8:24 am

Cold but very pretty

bucca11, Jul 12, 8:25 am

4 degrees in my bedroom, ice on inside of all the windows except the lounge where the logfire is. 10 degrees in there

sumstyle, Jul 12, 8:48 am

Not in ChCh but cold here as well in Dunedin my power is off and as cold as lawn white I think I'll go back to bed.

anne1955, Jul 12, 8:55 am

yes the icicles on the plants with the sun filtering through. very nice to sit inside with a hot coffee and watch the world wake up.

jonners2013, Jul 12, 9:17 am

love to know what it got down to, anyone know for sure?

jane310567, Jul 12, 9:39 am

I got up a couple of hours earlier and put heat pump on in lounge then went back to warm bed but it started to groan and complain about half an hour ago and no further heat coming out so its turned off and I'm rugged up well. Haven't yet checked on the guinea pigs - eek!

supersapper, Jul 12, 9:50 am

According to my weather station -4.5.

wayne416, Jul 12, 10:01 am

supersapper -same-more heat comes out of a fan heater than a bloomin heat pump-

cloffie, Jul 12, 10:52 am

You & supersnapper should get your HP looked at. Had our three for 15 years best invention ever, toastie warm house 24/7

likit, Jul 12, 11:01 am

likit -can you recommend someone to service heat pump?

cloffie, Jul 12, 11:03 am

I have a fire which I use 90% of the time but the heat pump is useful to take the edge off the cold while I get fire going but mine doesn't cope well when the temperatures are very low and I hate the cold draught that seems to accompany the warm air of most heat pumps. I love my fire!

supersapper, Jul 12, 11:18 am

Ours are getting serviced this Mon by Beatties ph 3794832. Highly recommend them. They will assist you if you are unsure on how to operate. If you have correct size HP for your room or house then you should have no problems. Like I said before we have had ours 15 years & operate well below zero temperatures.

likit, Jul 12, 11:43 am

0 deg already in Chch, 3 deg on the hills, 6 deg in the East.

Plenty of snow on the hills above Purau: I've been feeding feathered friends in our garden - they seem happy:

mm12345, Jul 12, 7:09 pm

Nice shot of the Waxeyes

tool_shop173, Jul 12, 7:19 pm

We went up to Porters Pass

tool_shop173, Jul 12, 7:19 pm

what a lovely photo of the birds - would make a lovely splashback design!

jane310567, Jul 12, 7:55 pm

Even colder this morning. Whaaaat -5

tool_shop173, Jul 13, 9:10 am


xmakara, Jul 13, 9:13 am

Yep minus 5 again and frozen pipes :(

dogbond, Jul 13, 9:30 am

Heatpumps are ineffective at these temperatures , cant beat a logburner

bergkamp, Jul 13, 9:32 am

Ahem. They are not.

Older models used to be less effective in negative temperatures, but they're improving technology and most go to about -12 before any reduction in efficiency now.

I have a toasty warm living area. Stepped outside and Wow - didn't know it was *that* cold! :)

astrophe, Jul 13, 9:38 am

Dog bond leave a tap turned on to a good trickle,no frozen pipes for me this morning .Someone advised me to do this recently.

success27, Jul 13, 9:44 am

If you buy the wrong log burner for the area you're trying to heat, it will be ineffective. A heat pump is exactly the same, buy a good one that is correctly sized for the area and it works perfectly.

jonners2013, Jul 13, 10:33 am

Incorrect but, it is a fact that logburners are ineffective in summer when the temperature is above 30 & you want to cool down.

likit, Jul 13, 10:35 am

Maybe just open a window? 30 isn't that hot.

tygertung, Jul 13, 10:49 am

And let the hot norwester blow in, good one.
Obviously you don't have a heat pump & enjoyed the comfort of being cool on those hot days & nights.

likit, Jul 13, 11:06 am

We have both ,the heatpump is a large ceiling mounted cassette . top quality, . the heatpump is great for cold to mild temperatures but struggles to put the heat out when temp gets too low .
having heatpump and logburner is the way to go. especially in older house

bergkamp, Jul 13, 1:15 pm

There is an opposite side to the house away from the norwest in case you didn't know and windows and doors on that side keep our house so cool in summer people have asked what Aircon we use. They are amazed when I say doors and windows and it beats using power to cool down too. Design it right and you don't need to use any electrical power for heating or cooling. The sun, a log fire on a wet back combined with solar for hot water, have kept power bills right down this sunny winter. I light the fire at dusk and only use enough wood to keep the chill away which saves on firewood. I don't even own a heater.

kacy5, Jul 13, 2:18 pm

So you just open a window on the opposite side of the house to the wind & you get immediate reduction in temp even though it is 30+ outside, amazing. The inside temp is cooler than the outside, why doesn't that happen when we try that, one of the reasons we decided to get heatpumps & we have a well designed insulated double glazed house

likit, Jul 13, 3:06 pm

As much as you'll hate to acknowledge it, the fact is that you've had the incorrect heat pump for your room installed. If it was a good one and of the correct size for your room then it would have no trouble heating the space, even in -5 temps that we've been having in Chch recently, and plenty lower too.

jonners2013, Jul 13, 5:12 pm

We has a frost this morning. I still got 7 ripe tomatoes off the vine, but I think it will stop growing soon.

trade4us2, Jul 13, 5:15 pm

Works for us since we built 10 years ago especially on norwest nights so perhaps your design isn't as good as you think it is.

kacy5, Jul 13, 5:42 pm

We have a log burner and heat pump. Use the log burner mostly as it has a wet back and we have enough of our own wood to last years. But the heat pump is handy if we are up late and the logburner has gone out, heats the house easily even with these minus 5 temps, and perfect for those cooler spring mornings after we have stopped using the fire, never misses a beat.

dogbond, Jul 13, 5:58 pm

We went for a walk about 7 tonight to get some fish n chips, and its already icing over out there. Will be another cold one I think

stillwaters, Jul 13, 7:24 pm

woody1946, Jul 13, 7:49 pm

as I said . heatpump is great for above freezing . but needs to work much , much harder when you get to temps that we have had (-5) -it still heats the house but not as effectively - one just cannot beat the output of a 24kw logburner

bergkamp, Jul 13, 8:11 pm

Yes, tool-shop. A "Monday" for me, at 0630. Getting the ice rinsed off the windows wasn't the main problem-it was ice inside the windows.Never before! Car is in the garage tonight!

schnauzer11, Jul 13, 8:50 pm

So the sun shines in from the north, there is a norwester blowing, you open a window out the back ( southeast) & the rooms facing the sun (north) cool down. This is taking into account it is 30+ outside & you are cooler inside. i.e comfortable say 19 - 21 deg & a open window/windows does all that.

likit, Jul 13, 11:22 pm

Sure does as the main rooms, plus the master bedroom, have doors opening to the outside both sides and a breeze blows through on hot nights and keeps it cool. Don't forget the sun is higher in summer so whereas at this time of year we get it all day streaming in, (glass stacker doors along the front) we don't get it in summer. As we have no neighbours I don't even pull the drapes and am only on my third piece of wood in the fire tonight, turned right down. A sunny dry winter has certainly helped with heating. The kitchen, living room and lounge are a cosy 25C. It gets a lot higher during the day when it is sunny and visitors can't believe the fire isn't going. The under tile heating has never been turned on and the heat transfer system, put in when we built, has never been connected as it was not needed for us.

I was lucky as we lived next door so when we sold there I knew exactly where I wanted the sun to get the benefit of it so angled the house to suit and correct what I didn't like in the standard 70s house. We were not limited by section size so although not a large house it is long to maximize winter sun. My ensuite faces north as well and the laundry east so is warm in the mornings when I use it.

Circumstances have changed and I will subdivide the property to sell this house which is now far too big for me. I will probably build again on the bare part after the subdivision, similar design with a few tweaks for things I have learnt over the 10 years here, but with less rooms. I know this design works for me and looking at show homes I haven't found anything to better it although it wouldn't fit on the section sizes around today. I will have plenty of room to spread out once again if I do build another house.

kacy5, Jul 14, 12:58 am

Yes even our late 60s-early 70s state house is fine in the summer if you open a window. Not too bad at all in the winter either with the log burner. If you are willing to put in a little effort you can get wood for free. I think I've only spent about $20 on wood in the last 8 years with about $80 of fuel perhaps used to fetch it and cut it up.

The house is nice and warm now that I've insulated the walls and ceiling the insulation and even the kitchen which hasn't been insulated and is on the south side of the building is 11 degrees even though it is -4 outside.

tygertung, Jul 14, 6:03 am

Too cute great picture of the waxeyes.

millerz08, Jul 14, 6:36 am

Can't see how a hot wind blowing can cool a house down by opening a few windows. If it was that easy we wouldn't have aircon. Perhaps you mean it cools down to 25- 27 deg which in my mind is not cool

likit, Jul 14, 10:12 am

youv'e been listening to Stephen Fleming too much

bergkamp, Jul 14, 11:47 am


Here's one you don't see very often - it flew in for a feed with it's greener mates this afternoon:

mm12345, Jul 14, 5:55 pm

Nice shot mm

dannyboy24, Jul 14, 6:24 pm

just about assed over in my driveway :/

lil_tarnz, Jul 14, 7:23 pm

Don't be ridiculous. What suits me might not suit you but, then again, it's not costing me to stay cool in summer as it is you.

Just because it's norwest it doesn't mean it's stinking hot every night and it isn't norwest every night. It often cools down and stops blowing around dark but you fail to understand that. Keep paying for your Aircon and heating but I prefer not to. This house suits me and all the people who have stayed here, some for weeks, over the years. Regular visitors from Aussie found it too hot in May and would open the door or go outside to cool off during the day when the sun was streaming in plus asked if the fire could be turned down as the rooms were so warm at night. I guess you had your heat pump going to reach the same temperatures to keep visitors warm.

kacy5, Jan 5, 3:09 am

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