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tool_shop173, Jul 11, 7:55pm

golfaholic2, Jul 11, 8:17pm
no nudie runs this morning

tool_shop173, Jul 11, 8:24pm
Id say thats a negative.

bucca11, Jul 11, 8:25pm
Cold but very pretty

sumstyle, Jul 11, 8:48pm
4 degrees in my bedroom, ice on inside of all the windows except the lounge where the logfire is. 10 degrees in there

anne1955, Jul 11, 8:55pm
Not in ChCh but cold here as well in Dunedin my power is off and as cold as lawn white I think I'll go back to bed.

jonners2013, Jul 11, 9:17pm
yes the icicles on the plants with the sun filtering through. very nice to sit inside with a hot coffee and watch the world wake up.

jane310567, Jul 11, 9:39pm
love to know what it got down to, anyone know for sure?

supersapper, Jul 11, 9:50pm
I got up a couple of hours earlier and put heat pump on in lounge then went back to warm bed but it started to groan and complain about half an hour ago and no further heat coming out so its turned off and I'm rugged up well. Haven't yet checked on the guinea pigs - eek!

wayne416, Jul 11, 10:01pm
According to my weather station -4.5.

cloffie, Jul 11, 10:52pm
supersapper -same-more heat comes out of a fan heater than a bloomin heat pump-

likit, Jul 11, 11:01pm
You & supersnapper should get your HP looked at. Had our three for 15 years best invention ever, toastie warm house 24/7

cloffie, Jul 11, 11:03pm
likit -can you recommend someone to service heat pump?

supersapper, Jul 11, 11:18pm
I have a fire which I use 90% of the time but the heat pump is useful to take the edge off the cold while I get fire going but mine doesn't cope well when the temperatures are very low and I hate the cold draught that seems to accompany the warm air of most heat pumps. I love my fire!

likit, Jul 11, 11:43pm
Ours are getting serviced this Mon by Beatties ph 3794832. Highly recommend them. They will assist you if you are unsure on how to operate. If you have correct size HP for your room or house then you should have no problems. Like I said before we have had ours 15 years & operate well below zero temperatures.

mm12345, Jul 12, 7:09am
0 deg already in Chch, 3 deg on the hills, 6 deg in the East.

Plenty of snow on the hills above Purau: I've been feeding feathered friends in our garden - they seem happy:

tool_shop173, Jul 12, 7:19am
Nice shot of the Waxeyes

tool_shop173, Jul 12, 7:19am
We went up to Porters Pass

jane310567, Jul 12, 7:55am
what a lovely photo of the birds - would make a lovely splashback design!

tool_shop173, Jul 12, 9:10pm
Even colder this morning. Whaaaat -5

xmakara, Jul 12, 9:13pm

dogbond, Jul 12, 9:30pm
Yep minus 5 again and frozen pipes :(

bergkamp, Jul 12, 9:32pm
Heatpumps are ineffective at these temperatures , cant beat a logburner

astrophe, Jul 12, 9:38pm
Ahem. They are not.

Older models used to be less effective in negative temperatures, but they're improving technology and most go to about -12 before any reduction in efficiency now.

I have a toasty warm living area. Stepped outside and Wow - didn't know it was *that* cold! :)

success27, Jul 12, 9:44pm
Dog bond leave a tap turned on to a good trickle,no frozen pipes for me this morning .Someone advised me to do this recently.

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